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WILD: Released Felon in NYC Shoots McDonald’s Employee in the Face…Over French Fries [VIDEO]

Need yet another excuse to “escape from New York” and flee the Rotten Apple? Well, here ya go: some loon shot a McDonald’s employee in the face over a french fry order up there. Yes, really.

Yes, of course this happened in the utter hellhole that is New York City. It was up there that a black woman, Lisa Fulmore, ordered some fries from McDonald’s and, when she got them, found out that she’d been served an order of cold fries.

She then asked for some new, warm fries (who likes cold McDonald’s fries? Gross) and the employees just laughed her off, acting like jerks. As Ms. Fulmore put it:

The fries were cold. I asked the girl to change the french fries because the fries was cold. She went to the french fry machine for maybe 10 seconds and brought back fries, so I thought they was new fries, so I had left.

“So I taste the fries, and after I got to the third one, it was a cold fry still. So I went back to take the food back.

“I asked her, ‘Why would you give me the same fries and just put one or two on top to make me think that you gave me new fries?’ She started laughing, and all of them started laughing, acting like it’s funny,’’ Fulmore said.

“I was like, ‘What’s funny? I paid for food, and I should get what I asked for.’ They laughed at me.

“One of them was like, ‘All of this over fries?’ So now I’m arguing with them back and forth. The boy where they cook the food at was like, ‘You got all this food in your teeth,’ so I said, ‘You wanna take it out? You’re saying I got all this food in my teeth, you wanna take it out?’”

A minor inconvenience and reason to be upset? Sure. No one likes cold fries and being laughed off by fast food employees would be annoying.

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But, at the end of the day, it’s food you shouldn’t be eating anyway and cost like a dollar. Live and let live a little bit, it’s hardly the end of the world.

Ms. Fulmore did the exact opposite of “live and let live.” Rather, she lost it, calling her son on the phone and saying “They in this McDonald’s playing with me.” So not only is she a fast food enthusiast, but she’s also quite the grammarian too.

In any case, her son, rather than telling her to chill out, decided the proper course of action would be to head on over to the McDonald’s and present his case for why she should receive a new order of fries ASAP.

The son arrived and there was an altercation with the “you got all this food in your teeth” employee, but left before things escalated. But then the controversy re-ignited, leading to the shooting of the employee.

The New York Post, reporting on what Ms. Fulmore says happened, reported that:

“My son said, ‘Come outside’ to the boy in the back,’’ she said, referring to the worker who was later shot.

The employee didn’t exit the restaurant at that point, and Fulmore said she then told her son to just leave “because I didn’t want him to get in trouble.

“So I’m thinking my son was gone,’’ she said. “I’m thinking it was over because my son left the store.”

Then 10 or 15 minutes later, the male worker came over to Fulmore asking, “Where your son at?,’’ the mom said.

She said she told him her son had left and to mind his own business.

But “he went looking for my son,’’ she said. “The next thing you know, maybe like 10 minutes later, you hear a gunshot. So I ran to the door. I said, ‘Who’s shooting?’ ”

She said someone replied, “Your son.”

Yes, her son shot someone over a McDonald’s order. Quite the knight in shining armor. The shot employee had a clean record. Ms. Fulmore’s son, on the other hand, has been arrested several times, including for assault and theft of service and grand larceny. Plus there are a few sealed arrest cases. Quite the upstanding citizen. There is no mention of what the shooter’s father thought of the situation, or if he was present.

Watch a news report on the subject here:

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