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Why They Want to Disarm You

Have you watched what’s coming out of Australia? There, subjects of a nation once regarded as free and full of independent people have been locked in their homes by a tyrannical government and are savagely, viciously attacked by the police if they have the temerity to leave their house or protest.

Here’s how Simon Black described the tyranny down under in a recent article:

In the name of COVID Australian police and government officials have also:

It is also now illegal to plan, publicize, or participate in protests.

The right to peaceably assemble and hold public protests against unjust government actions is enshrined in the Western legal tradition. But for organizing protests against the Australian government’s tyranny, Anthony Khallouf has been sentenced to several months in prison.

His “crimes” include not complying with COVID decrees, and “encouraging the commission of crimes”— that is, sharing information about the time and location of protests.

Want to know why the Australian government can do all those things? Want to know why it can behave so savagely and tyrannically toward its subjects?

Because of gun control. The Aussies have an incredibly strict gun control regime.

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Firearm ownership is what separates citizens from subjects, free men from serfs of the system.

Yes, the populace must be willing to actually use the guns. Simply possessing them isn’t enough. You have to be willing to hold onto them when the government wants to take them, forcing it to pry them out of your cold, dead hands. To defend your liberty, you must be willing to be like the minutemen at Lexington and Concord.

But possessing weapons is a start. It makes the tyrants rethink their plans, as happened with the BLM attempting to steal Cliven Bundy’s cattle. Armed patriots showed up, so the jackbooted thugs had to retreat.

In Australia, the police don’t have to think twice about beating up a protester, fining or arresting people for walking outside their homes, or chasing people down for having the gall to walk down a non-essential aisle at the grocery store. Much as the Ausssies might hate what’s going on, they’re unable to do anything about it other than to peacefully ask for their rights back. As if that’ll work.

And that’s why the Democrats want to disarm you. They’re not worried about your safety. They don’t want to ensure you live a protected life or shield you from the “gun crime” they prattle on about. No, they want to disarm you so that you have to go along with whatever they say.

The 89th “booster” shot? Stick it in me, Dr. Fauci the Wise and Almighty. I’m disarmed, so I can’t resist.

Sky-high taxes on those that earn an honest income? Might as well break out the checkbooks, folks. Without an AR you don’t have a say.

Letting thugs like those in BLM and Antifa ramage through business districts like the SA in Kristallnacht? We’ll have to; such things can’t be stopped without guns and a willingness to use them.

If you want to retain your liberty, go ahead and buy another gun, vowing to never give it up. You might need it.

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