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Why They Hate Kyle Rittenhouse

Those who have read my articles on why Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero, remembering those that wouldn’t support him, and on the left threatening to riot if he’s acquitted might have been a bit shocked at the level of leftist hate directed toward a young man who did nothing more than defend himself from a mob of bloodthirsty attackers. “Why,” you might be asking “do they hate him so?”

It’s not just that he was using one of those scary black rifles that the left hates, though that’s certainly part of it. It’s not just that he killed a few of the DNC’s Brownshirts, though that’s also certainly part of it. No, the real reason that both leftists and RINOs hate Kyle Rittenhouse is that he’s a living reminder of their weakness. In being strong and standing up for what is right he reminded them of how a real man behaves and they just can’t handle it.

For years, the men of the West have decayed. In our prosperity, they, especially on the left, have grown weak. Seeing strength and martial success, as embodied now by Rittenhouse, reminds them of their failure to live up to their ancestors, men they might despise but still know they have failed to live up to.

Look at General Milley; that fat slob in no way lives up to the warlords of history. Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, William the Conquerer, Florian Geyer, Gustavus Adolphus, George Washington, Chinese Gordon, Kitchener, Rommel, von Manstein, George Patton, and more of the gods of war we still read about and honor were not just brilliant tacticians, but warriors that led from the front and remained in fighting shape so that they could lead from the front and embody their martial profession. Milley has not. He, like many under him, has grown weak. That weakness is perhaps best described by BAP in the Bronze Age Mindset:

“Physically, spiritually and in intellect they exceed us in every way. I give example: our elite athletes, our special forces operators, are nothing compared to them. We find Paleolithic bones, the femur, so robust that nothing from our runners or power-lifters equals. These men were capable of sustained speeds unimaginable today. You know about Marathon, but not the whole story. The real physical feat wasn’t just the soldier who ran the twenty miles or so back to Athens to warn the people. The entire army ranged on the beach in heavy bronze armor, facing the enemy. After the Persians landed, the Greeks charged them from more than a mile away. The Persians were amazed at the line of gleaming bronze running toward them and their war cry. These men ran a mile in very heavy armor and also carried six-foot-plus ashen spear-spike. They drove the invaders into the sea. And right after this great effort they marched, still in armor, all the way back to Athens without pause, to prevent the Persians from making an opportune landing there. I don’t think any special military units would be able to equal this feat today, and these were the average citizens of Athens.”

We’ve grown weak and unable to fight. Even the warriors of the modern-day are no match for the heroes of the past.

And it gets even worse when you look at the average civilian, especially the average leftist civilian. Could those soy boys and metrosexuals defend themselves like Kyle Rittenhouse? No! Three of them lost to him in a gun battle, after all. His existence is a reminder of their failure. His success on the field of battle reminds them of what they know they should be, but aren’t.

And that’s why they hate him. Despite their preening, despite their attacks on aesthetics and beauty, despite their attempts to erase the past, deep down they know that a male that can’t defend himself isn’t really a man. And Rittenhouse’s existence as a young man that successfully defended himself from multiple attackers reminds them that they can’t defend themselves, and thus aren’t really men.

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Want to know why Chris Hayes and his ilk are fretting and clutching their pearls over the Rittenhouse case? It’s because he’s a living reminder of their failure to be men; he’s a reminder of their detestable inability to defend themselves.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.