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Why the Left Will Fail

Introduction to Why the Left Will Fail

Interacting with my Twitter followers and checking out their websites has become one of my favorite aspects of running this website. What was initially just a way to show the views of a college conservative (Yes, we do exist) has now become a great way to interact with conservatives of all generations from all over the world and hear what they think.

Recently, while talking with @jsbrads, I checked out his website and saw an excellent article on why the left will fail. I couldn’t agree with him more, so, with his permission, I will be republishing it here in the same way that I did last week with the article on what you should know about socialism. Hope you enjoy! -Gen Z Conservative

Why the Left Will Fail- The Left’s Overcapture In Education Creates an Anti-Left Population in the Left.

I have no idea why technology is reversing this, but the BLM and Antifa movements share little with the Left while claiming to be the of the Left. There is a reason for this…

One of Jon Haidt’s works on population study revealed that every human population is composed of 40% conservative, 40% middle, 20% progressive [lowercase intentional]. These numbers exist for numerous populations and at different times.

Jordan Peterson described why this population split would be beneficial; namely, to succeed some people have to promote change while others resist change. And within this turbulence, hopefully, expressed as a debate instead of war, the proper path forward is revealed.

Now, however, the Left has increased its power disproportionately by being so active within the arena of education. Beginning in the 1960s, the left began to use the educational fields to indoctrinate our children. Far from that being a slow and steady change, it began with a rush. Naturally, once the change is observed there is a push back. But by that time people observed the effect leftists were having on the education of our children, the Left had people within the government defending their behavior and preventing any change to an unbiased school curriculum.

In prior times, parents had more power over the education of children and could ensure that they weren’t indoctrinated by leftist teachers. There are some holdouts in private schools where there is some balance. Note, I am not saying conservative only schools are good, I am saying balanced schools provide for the needs of all students in the school. But now parents don’t control their child’s education. Instead, the Left continues to “solidify” their control over the educational system; the school administration holds back teachers who voice conservative views if it does not fire them outright and the teachers’ unions donate to Leftist politicians and support Leftist policies.

Now that they have so much control, here is where this blows up in their faces. Here is why the left will fail in their attempts to indoctrinate and destroy our youth in the same way they are described as brainwashed in The Gulag Archipelago.

For the past 40 years, Leftists have been training conservative minds with Leftist ideology. The problem for the Left is that this brainwashing doesn’t always create a docile Leftist. It instead creates a student who is twisted into preserving something they heard as children. They are trying to make their universities into kindergartens, but in the process are creating many conservatives that are tired of listening to the left’s attempts at compulsion and brainwashing! Students will wake up from the stupor those educational gulags put them in and when that happens, they’ll be angry and fight back. That’s why the left will fail.

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The problem is that the Left, with their natural totalitarian tendencies, attempted to control education failed even before the information became free on the internet. And that failure will harm them and everyone else for a generation or more. That’s why the left will fail.

By: @jsbrads


Check out his website here: