Why the Democrats Want to Impeach Trump

why the Democrats want to impeach Trump
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The Real Reason Why the Democrats Want to Impeach Trump

A quick viewing of any of the current, biased Mainstream Media channels is all it takes to see that the Democrats desperately want to get rid of Trump through impeachment. However, those channels aren’t honest (big shocker). They’re dishonest because they’re lying through omission; they don’t inform their viewers of the real reason why the Democrats want to impeach Trump.

What is that reason? Well, it’s the one shown in the above graphic. The Democratic party is a mess and its candidates are somehow even more of a mess. The only way a Democrat could possibly win in 2020 is through impeachment of Trump now. Their attempt to remove him through the Mueller investigation failed, so now they’re going for impeachment. Don’t believe me? Then let’s just do a quick review of the awful Democratic candidates.

The Current Democratic Candidates for President:

First up is Joe Biden, who is probably corrupt. His son took money from China and Ukraine while he was Vice President, and Joe was suspiciously soft on those countries. So, it’s pretty obvious that we can’t trust Joe Biden. Not only is he senile and an idiot, but he’s also corrupt, doesn’t understand the 2nd Amendment, and likely to give favors to our enemies. He can’t be trusted.

Next, we have Elizabeth Warren. Not only is she a serial liar that lied about her race for decades in an attempt to get a better job, but also she’s a burgeoning socialist that wants to implement unworkable Medicare for All and free college. Somehow, she’s even worse than corrupt and creepy Joe Biden. At least he’s not a socialist.

Thirdly, we have the avowed socialist Bernie Sanders. He vacationed in the evil Soviet Union that killed tens of millions of people, supports the same socialist free college and Medicare for All policies that Elizabeth Warren does, wants to further expand unsustainable policies like Social Security, and insists on further expanding the already skyrocketing national debt.

There are other Democratic candidates, of course, such as that criminal Beto “The Gunsalesman” O’Rourke. Well, he dropped, but he’s still fun to make fun of. But, those three are the main ones. So, after reviewing their pasts, it’s easy to see why the Democrats want to impeach Trump. It’s not about American dignity or his supposed “crimes.” Impeachment is about hiding the decline of the Democratic candidates.


It’s been obvious for a while now that the Democratic party is a mess. In fact, it’s such a mess that Nancy Pelosi seems like one of the reasonable ones! And the American voters have noticed that.

So, the Democrats have decided that impeachment is the only way to distract voters from Trump’s tax cuts, the booming Trump economy, and his efforts to build a border wall. In short, they want to hide his successes by making up crimes. That’s unreasonable and unamerican. We can’t let them get away with it!

Now that you understand the real reason why the Democrats want to impeach Trump, make sure to share it with your friends! Everyone has to learn the truth about Trump’s impeachment. We’re the only impeachment roadblock to Nancy Pelosi.

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By: Gen Z Conservative

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