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Meme: Why Is Trump Scary to Moderates?

Kyle Becker, one of my favorite writers on Trending Politics, is right. Why is Trump so scary, even to the left? Nothing he did should have inspired revulsion or dislike, much less fear.

He cut taxes back to a marginally more reasonable level. He appointed mainstream judges for the Senate to confirm. He withdrew the government from the economy so that it could prosper. His fracking and pipeline policies, policies that were basically the exact opposite of what Biden’s are, made America energy independent for the first time in a long time. Perhaps best of all, his “Big Stick” diplomacy meant we didn’t have to involve ourselves in unnecessary foreign wars.

What’s so scary about all that? I understand why the left might not like that Trump and the Republicans did so much good for the country, but their continued fear of Trump is absurd, especially in comparison to Biden.

Biden’s the one who wants to “investigate” the Reichstag Fire at the Capitol so as to silence conservatives. Biden is the one that wants to pack the Supreme Court, is crashing the economy with his absurd economic policies, is trying to add states to the Union, and use HR 1 to make it impossible for Republicans to vote. Trump, on the other hand, simply grew the economy and did his best to leave people alone. As Buck Sexton recently said, it’s the people that called Trump a fascist that are the real fascists.

But, of course, “moderates” don’t get that. They voted for Biden the fascist because Trump had mean tweets. They couldn’t look through the noise and see what was really going on; Biden is the one they should have feared, not Trump.

So, I’ll leave it to the comments section, why is Trump scary to moderates? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

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