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Why is the MAGA Movement Lashing Out At Hannity Right Now?

I don’t watch Fox News anymore.

I stopped watching about 6 years ago.

I used to be a “Fox junkie.” I’d watch it 24/7. I rarely changed the channel on my TV set, and then Roger Ailes left, and everything went to sh*t.

So, if I watch Fox News, it’s because I caught a clip on Twitter or Rumble… I mainly watch Tucker clips, sometimes The Five, but other than that, I am not really into Fox News, or any cable news channel, for that matter.

But I do pay close attention to what’s happening on social media, and I can tell you that right now there’s a huge MAGA backlash against Sean Hannity.

I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I looked into it, and while it appears to center on a recent episode, where Hannity hosted unpopular Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Oz on his show, and apparently the two of them bashed popular “MAGA candidate” Kathy Barnette, who is running against Oz.

But the angst appears to go deeper than that.

I am seeing a lot of comments from people that Hannity is a “warmonger,” as well.

MAGA, who is very anti-war, claims that Hannity is pushing us closer to WW3, and promoting the Ukraine war on his show, etc.

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They also don’t like how Hannity is always promoting traitor and RINO Lindsey Graham.

That’s a big-time sore spot for MAGA.

I really realized how serious the backlash was when a very popular MAGA account “CatTurd,” published a tweet on Hannity, that went “MAGA viral.”

Here’s what Catturd said: “Sean Hannity is starting to get on my nerves.”

And here are a few responses:

“The breaking news guy that has no breaking news”

“Sean Hannity needs to report on 2,000 MULES!”

“Never has anyone with such a large platform accomplished so little.”

“Same here, it started with me a month or so ago, when he had Pence on his show. That was a red flag right there.”

“Hannity serves the swamp….. bought and paid for by the Neocons.”

“You are indeed a patient man if he is just beginning to get on your nerves. Imagine the disclaimer his bookers have to use with his guests. “Now remember, always be prepared to let Sean tell you what you think.”

“Yep, the constant warmongering and shilling for Graham and Oz.”

“I think he and Tucker must’ve had a slight falling out bc they no longer interact at the top of the hour switch out.”

“I still like Sean, but he does get on my nerves at times, he doesn’t let other people talk and express their points, he likes to hear himself talk more. I just listen less frequently, maybe once or two times a week, it’s enough.”

“I’ll bet he hasn’t talked about 2000 Mules…..”

“For those of us who know what is happening, it is hard to listen but his mission is to preach and tell the story and for some who just tune it, they say … I had no idea. His ratings are solid for over 25 years.”

“He loves RINO lindsey graham, I don’t listen to him anymore.”

He’s a #DeepState population influencer tool.

Clearly, Hannity has an issue with the MAGA base, who does not like war, Dr. Oz, or Lindsey Graham.

That stuff appeals to establishment types.

If Hannity wants to get in better with MAGA, he’d have to do a lot of rebranding… as it stands now, obviously someone’s watching and enjoying his show because his ratings are good.

But in my opinion, if Hannity wants to remain relevant, he needs to work harder to bring in the “America First” crowd.

That’s the future. The establishment is the past.

This story syndicated with permission from Wayne Dupree