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If America is Racist, Then Why did Harry and Meghan Come Here?

A near-constant refrain from the left is that America is afflicted by the abominable plague of “systemic racism.” What is that racism? How does it manifest itself? Well, they can’t answer. Normally they just mutter some nonsense about power structures or inequitable outcomes. Of course, as discussed in Equal is Unfair, equitable outcomes are a horrid policy goal to strive toward, but that’s outside the scope of this. In any case, Democrats continue making the case time and time again.

Here are a few snapshots of those claims:

The number of articles claiming such nonsense goes on and on, but you get the point. Leftists claim, normally without any real evidence other than circumstantial personal stories of “taking offense,” that America is somehow an evil, racist nation.

Well, I have one question. If America is racist, then why did Harry and Meghan come here?

You see, in their Oprah interview, one of the main claims Meghan made (and I refuse to use the “prince” and “princess” titles both because they are no longer royals and, even if they were, don’t deserve the respect such titles imply) was that they had to leave the Windsor court because of racism. “In those months when I was pregnant [there were] concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he was born,” said Meghan.

The horror. Idle people speculating about what a baby might look like. As if no one has ever before wondered whether a baby, much less a mixed one, will more closely resemble the father or mother. Such racism must have been unbearable!

I jest. But, still, assuming (although perhaps incorrectly) that Meghan did actually feel discriminated against, why on Earth would she have returned to America? At leas the Europeans are so much more enlightened than the racist American hillbillies!

Or, perhaps, it’s all a lie. Perhaps America isn’t racist. Perhaps the white privilege narrative isn’t in any way real. Maybe the left is, rather than trying to fix issues in American society, instead using our fear of being called the most dreaded of all things- a “racist”- as a bludgeon with which to silence us and the actual racism isn’t really so real.

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That would be what the date confirms. America is not a racist country. If it were, why would Harry and Meghan come here rather than just stay in Canada? Isn’t Canada, like its European brethren across the pond, a wonderful, post-racial paradise?

And it’s not just the two formal royals that decided public events were a bit too much for them. According to Fox, a record number of African immigrants are trying to get into America. And, once those immigrants get here, they’re often quite successful.

Nigerian immigrants and those of Nigerian descent, for example, are some of the most successful in America. According to Ozy in 2018, “Today, 29% of Nigerian-Americans over the age of 25 hold a graduate degree, compared to 11% of the overall U.S. population.” It adds that they’re one of the “most successful immigrant communities, with a median household income of $62,351, compared to $57,617 nationally, as of 2015.”

But, perhaps that’s just a fluke. What other immigrant groups are the most successful?

According to Jennifer McNulty at UC Santa Cruz, Indian Americans are some of the most successful:

  • 68 percent of India-born immigrants living in the U.S. have college degrees;
  • Indian immigrants are concentrated in industries like information technology;
  • Their average incomes are generally higher than the average incomes associated with their level of educational attainment;
  • Rates of self-employment and entrepreneurship are higher at both the high and low ends of the income scale, reflecting engagement in both hospitality and retail, as well as medicine and the high-tech industry;
  • Though Indians make up 1 percent of the population, they comprise 8 percent of the founders of high-tech companies—and one-third of technology startups in Silicon Valley.

Similarly, according to DQYDJ, “Asian workers made the highest average individual income at $78,539.86.” That’s against an average of $70,370.48 for whites.

So, based on the evidence, it sure doesn’t look like America is racist. That’s just a leftist talking point, as Tom Cotton recently exposed in brilliant fashion. And, once again, if America is racist, why would Harry and Meghan come here? They’re former royals with millions of dollars. They could have gone anywhere in the Anglosphere, if not the world as a whole, and been fine, and were ostensibly leaving Great Britain because of racism. Why America? Because it’s not racist and is rather the greatest country on Earth, even with Biden in charge. That’s why they’re here.

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