Why Communism Is Venerated While Fascism is (Rightly) Criticized

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Why is it that Millennials and GenZers are so much more willing to embrace Communism than they are  Fascism? Why, given the universal suffering that has been imposed on those who have been subjected to a Communist regime, that Fascism still is met with more revulsion than is Fascism?

Communism has resulted in the murder of 70 million people in China. Over 20 million people died in the purges and gulags of the old Soviet Union. Even in Ukraine, though at the hands of Stalin’s Communists, more than 5 million people died when natives of the Soviet satellite was starved to death in order to feed Moscow.

One in three Cambodians died during the reign of “murder squads” created by Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot (“Political Potential”) in his paranoid fear that Vietnam would take his country from him. Communists have enslaved ― through fear, intimidation and threats of genocide ― entire nations in China, Russia, Vietnam, North Korea, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Cuba.

The lives of well over a billion people have been permanently ruined, altered forever, but Communist governments.

By contrast, Fascists of the Nazi Party in Germany and Italian Fascists have committed heinous crimes against people other than their own. The Nazis exterminated six million Jews and nearly 14 million others, including three million Soviet prisoners-of-war, another 4.5 million Soviet civilians and nearly two million non-Jewish Polish citizens.

Yet the atrocities of Communists are, from a historical perspective, swept under the rug, despite being over seven times in numbers greater than the Nazi Holocaust. (Note: Yarvin discusses this in detail in his “Open Letter to Open-Minded Progressives“)

Why is that?

First, there is a general ― and willful ―ignorance about Communist atrocities. Both New Leftists ― the Fascists of today ― and those considered to be “on the Right” teach the loathsome history of Nazism, the Left has never truly condemned Communism. Traditional Leftists, such as Presidents Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy condemned Communist regimes, but no Fascist Democrat leader since has done so.

The New Leftists ― in reality, Fascists ― control academia making it certain none of the odious history of Communist regimes will be taught in public schools, colleges or universities any time soon.

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Secondly, the Nazis will forever in human history be connected to The Holocaust. Nothing matches the dreadful and shocking events of The Holocaust. Though far fewer died at the hands of the Nazis than by the order of Lenin, Stalin and others, the rounding up of Jewish men, women, children and even infants for the purpose of their extermination in gas chambers at Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald and Dachau was unparalleled and unprecedented in modern human history.

Communists killed far more people, but the systemization of the killing as conceived by the Germans has never been seen in the history of genocide, before or since. The uniqueness of The Holocaust and the attention that is rightly given it have helped ensure that Nazism has a worse name than Communism.

Third is the difference in the sound of Communist theories as “nice-sounding” to the human ear, as opposed to the atrocious-sounding theories of Fascism. Nazism/Fascism as described and practiced in the world is brutal and violent both in nature and deed. In other words, the “how” Is equally important as the eloquence in which it is committed.

Communist concepts tend toward the vague and surreptitious in verbalization, hiding the “ugly” behind it. Intellectuals, including those who write history, are seduced by words, to the extent they value words over actions, even when words advocate far more brutality and violence than actions actually taken. That explains how the horrific actions taken in the name of Nazism overshadow those committed in the name of Communism.

The irony is that these “woke” intellectuals excuse the atrocities of Communism as perversions of “true Communism” while correctly identifying the atrocities of Fascism as the natural outcome of the political theory. The truth is, Communism cannot help but become brutal, totalitarian and violent just as does Fascism.

The fourth reason that accounts for the acceptance of Communism versus the condemnation of Fascism/Nazism is that the German people have admitted to the evils of Fascism, taken national responsibility for those evil and attempted to atone for them. Russians, Chinese, Cambodians, Cubans and Venezuelans have not done so.

That is to say, their governments have not done so, the primary reason being the oligarchs are still in control. They may not admit to being Communists, but they remain in the philosophy. In fact, despite his supposed fall from grace when the Berlin Wall came down, Lenin continues to be venerated in Russia despite the nation’s alleged turn to “democracy.”  Stalin’s Holocaust is, by implication or omission, denied by everyday Russians. Mao of China is still celebrated and Chinese Olympic athletes wore Mao pins on their uniforms when accepting medals in Tokyo the last two weeks.

Reason number five for the denial of Communist evils is the suppose difference between the victims of Fascist/Nazi atrocities and those of Communist regimes around the world. Fascists in Germany and Italy murdered people other than their own. The Jews exterminated in Germany’s concentration camps ― all of which were outside German borders ― were mostly Polish, Austrian and Russian. Stalin’s reign of terror, as well as Mao’s brutal purge, were aimed at their own people.

Apparently, murdering people from your own country, even in larger numbers that Germany murdered from other countries, is more “acceptable.”

Finally, the sixth reason Fascism/Nazism is considered more horrific a political system than Communism has to do with what constitutes a “good war.” The opinion of the Fascist Left is that the last “good war” was World War II, which of course defeated German-Italian Fascism and Japanese Imperialism ― all one and the same.

The Korean War is the “forgotten war,” for example. The Fascist Left is willing to ignore it. Vietnam, on the other hand and by their standard, was an “immoral war,” according to Fascist Leftists, who can offer no other reason for their opinion other than it involved Americans attempting to curb a brutal Communist regime.

We therefore are living in a morally confused world. How can we condemn the heinous atrocities of one corrupt political philosophy while ignoring those of another corrupt political philosophy? And an even more difficult question: How can the ruling class in the U.S. embrace the philosophies of the hated type of regime ― speaking of Fascism ― when it is, supposedly, the greatest threat the world faces?

It is subterfuge, the classic operating procedure of totalitarian governments. Today’s Democrats have been trying for four and half years to tar conservative capitalists with the “Fascist” label. It is the Big Lie approach to seizing power. It is followed up with the creation of racial animosity, the creation of fake crises and the gradual implementation of restrictive edicts with the recurring theme of “making us safe.”

If you haven’t noticed, we are there. We have been stripped of many of our freedoms and  will be hard-pressed to respond when they remove more of them.

This is the beginning of totalitarianism. So it has been since Genghis Kahn. So it will be now.

By: Mike Nichols.


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