January 23, 2021

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america is unraveling

Why America is Unraveling Right Now


If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably concerned that America is unraveling due to the riots, acrimony, and lack of historical perspective or common sense in American society. Looters are burning down businesses, Antifa thugs are tearing down statues of heroes like Robert E Lee, and everyone seems to be freaking out over the deaths of a few career criminals. It’s as absurd as it is destructive and upsetting.

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Other conservatives, and indeed Americans of all stripes, are of the same opinion. Recently, the editorial staff of the site “Commentary” posted an article entitled “We Must Stop the Great Unraveling.” I couldn’t agree more. America is unraveling and that needs to stop before the entire country falls apart. Read the rest of this summary and analysis of the Great American Unraveling to see why it’s happening and, more importantly, why it must stop.

Summary of Why America is Unraveling

First, Commentary’s editors describe the many facets of how America is unraveling and what that great unraveling looks like to the average American. Local governments are collapsing as corporations bow down to radical leftist terrorists:

Armed anarchists seized territory inside Seattle with the blessing of local government. In Minneapolis… a campaign to enfeeble or eliminate the police has gained full legitimacy. In Kentucky, the governor has vowed to provide free health care only to one racial group. In the private sector, companies such as Uber Eats have pledged their commitment to a policy of race-conscious discrimination as well…

…Social-justice mobs have taken aim at freedom of expression, inventing new heresies daily and ruining the lives of those who unwittingly give voice to them. Forced confessions and language proscriptions are the order of the day

From: We Must Stop the Great Unraveling

Next, they describe the goals of the mob that’s destroying America and behind why America is unraveling right now. It’s not because one group of citizens is peacefully and in good faith protesting. America is falling apart because one group believes in the myth of systemic racism and will do whatever it takes to try to force the rest of us to believe in that myth and the attendant myths that are just as wrong and evil. It’s imaginary oppression, not real oppression:

Through the violent politicization of all aspects of American life, the mob aims to destroy the country as we know it and replace it with a new one—an anti-America that trades speech for violence, police for thought police, a free press for an indoctrination network, and the respect due the citizen for the obeisance owed the mob.

From: We Must Stop the Great Unraveling

Finally, they describe what Americans should stand for to refuse the mob and stop the American unraveling. The only way to defeat the cancel culture mob that we are currently facing is to stand up to it and beat it back. There is no other way. It eats those that apologize just as quickly as it eats its own. The only way to survive is to fight back. Be Winston Churchill, not Neville Chamberlain.

There is one way to stop the unraveling: Refuse the mob. We have seen again and again that the mob comes only for those who hope to please it. And when it does, no amount of apology will save you. We stand against the mob and all its aims. We stand against the chaos and violence, the silencing of debate, the purging of heretics, the rewriting of history, and the destruction of the greatest country in the world.

From: We Must Stop the Great Unraveling

My Take on How America is Unraveling

I couldn’t agree with Commentary’s editors more. America is unraveling because of the un-American actions of a violent, unruly mob. Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric of that mob; it doesn’t stand for American values.

Instead, it stands for evil and the destruction of Western civilization, which it hates. Rather than promoting real solutions to poverty and oppression, which are political and economic freedom, it is promoting socialism and restrictions on free speech. No policies could be worse. As we’ve seen in Venezuela, China, Cuba, and every other socialist country, socialism does not lead to freedom. It is actually the road to serfdom.

America is unraveling, but we can stop that. We conservatives, especially young conservatives on college campuses, just need to start standing up to the mob. Be like the characters in Atlas Shrugged. Don’t accept the mob’s premises as valid. Instead, mercilessly point out the flaws in both their premises and reasoning. Be as polite as possible, of course, but fight back with all your energy.

If we don’t wake up to the fact that America is unraveling soon, then it might be too late to stop it. So wake up now and start fighting back; conservatives can win the culture war. We just need to start fighting it with all our strength. That’s the lesson we should take away from all this. The fight is not unwinnable, it’s just that cowardly Republicans currently fighting back against the cultural Marxists on the left that are destroying society.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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