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Humor: Who’s Ridin with Biden?

Do you think Biden is in control of his administration, or are you smart?

President Joe “Eating Oatmeal with a Fork” Biden obviously isn’t in control of either his mental faculties or the policy goals of “his” administration. No one is “Ridin with Biden,” Biden is riding with them.

And no, it’s not because Slow Joe is a moderate and his administration is acting quite radically. If you look at his record, Joe isn’t a moderate; he’s an opportunist that’s more than willing to be a radical if the zeitgeist calls for it. “Principles” and “values” aren’t what he cares about. Power is.

No, the reason that it’s obvious Biden isn’t in control is how he speaks and how others connected to his administration speak.

Remember when Slow Joe called Kamala “President Harris?” Or, before “his” inauguration, when he called her the “president-elect?” Or when he randomly left a press conference and asked who to turn it over to? Or when he signed an executive order with Kamala’s urging and said “I don’t know what I’m signing?”

There are other examples, as Biden is prone to gaffes and slips of the tongue, but they all get to the same point; Biden ain’t in charge. Kamala, or perhaps a network of leftists is. Slow Joe is just there for show.

By: Gen Z Conservative