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“Who the Hell Do You Think You Are, Little Girl?!” Deranged Whoopi Goldberg Blows Up on Boebert [VIDEO]

Whoopi Goldberg, fresh from her Holocaust-minimization-caused temporary vacation, is back on The View and back to making a fool of herself in front of the world. Wonderful.

She decided to highlight her ability to sound like an idiot recently, ab ability that would make her without par in the field if it weren’t for others on her side of the aisle, namely Slow Joe and his VP, Cackling Kamala. Those two, as I described here, seem to be in a competition over who has fewer brain cells and are both winning.

Regardless, Whoopi can make just as much a fool of herself as Joe and Kamala, as everyone who had the misfortune of watching the View must have noticed when she decided to attack Lauren Boebert, who cried out in memory of the 13 fallen heroes in Afghanistan when Slow Joe refused to mention them in his State of the Union Address.

Goldberg began by misrepresenting Boebert’s (2021, not 2020) resistance to funding the military in an NDAA, a resistance grounded in her disagreeing with how the money was being spent and how the military is being run, not a dislike of the military itself or a purely partisan agenda, as Goldberg hinted.

In any case, Goldberg led off the vitriolic attack by saying “Let me point something else out. In 2020, she opposed a bill to fund the military because she didn’t like Democratic politics. Babe!”

At that point, co-fool, Joy Behar, got confused. Cackling hens can’t be trusted to keep one name straight! So, she interrupted Whoopi’s deranged rant and said “Who’s that, Marjorie or Lauren?”

Goldberg helpfully took tim to clarify, saying “This is Lauren,” before launching into the rest of her tirade and saying:

 “Now, don’t talk about the military unless you really want to talk about the military. You can’t do what they do. That’s why we revere them — because they do the stuff we can’t do. And the minute you poop on them, you poop on them like the last guy did, talking about those Gold Star families, talking about Mr. McCain as not being a hero.

Who the hell do you think you are, little girl? Who do you think you are? You know. You don’t have to — you don’t have to like this president to be respectful of him talking about the military and his son, who died. You don’t have to do that. You don’t have to like him, but you must be respectful. You got be. We’ll be right back.” 

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Watch the deranged rant here:

Surprisingly, that deranged rant was followed by a reasonable and at least somewhat thoughtful comment from Michelle Tafoya, a guest host on the program.

She, adding a bit of actually thoughtful commentary, said “Her goal was to be talked about, I think. Everything’s political. It just is. I mean, you have to look at the political reasons she did that. She wanted to stand up, and she wanted to be viral.”

Unfortunately, Tafoya is probably at least somewhat right. Boebert, though she did probably want those heroes remembered, was also making a spectacle out of them and the situation by calling out like she did. Everything might not be political, but at least part of that outburst was.

Regardless, Whoopi’s rant was deranged. If only she’d had to take a break longer than two weeks.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

11 thoughts on ““Who the Hell Do You Think You Are, Little Girl?!” Deranged Whoopi Goldberg Blows Up on Boebert [VIDEO]”

  1. In a strange ironic twist, it’s OK for Whoopi to call other women “little girl” because she is so . . . humongously BIG herself.

  2. Did you respect our president, (NO). Karma’s coming for you like it did Joy, LOL. Stop spitting your Hatred old woman.

  3. Hoopi goldtard looks like Gabba the Hut from Star Wars in blackface. She needs to shut her piehole and quit hanging out with that Buffarillo from GA.

  4. The Black Racists Traitors , lgbtq and all illegal invaders and their kids born here illegally will all be slaughtered soon …No Mercy , especially to women and teenage lgbtq supporters

  5. for some reason every time i see an article on whoop i think of those panels in the dark knight returns, the dennis miller graphic novel, and that certain dr ruth and und sx und sx und sx, and how applaudable that someone can be such a caricature in real life.

  6. As a Vietnam Disabled Vet, I would ask that Mutt (Goldberg) and Jeff (Behar) please rerfrain from any support for our veterans or their needs. Everything they do is based on politics and a lack of understanding what it means when our incompetent military leaders are questioned. We used to have “warriors” running our military who looked out for the troops. We now have “Political” military leaders who are more concerned with their next promotion or ensuring that they do nothing to harm their cushy post-retirement gid.

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