October 20, 2020

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who supports socialism

Who Supports Socialism? Those Who don’t Work

My Take on Who Supports Socialism

Once you delve into Bernie’s sham agenda and Warren’s free everything, it’s easy to see who supports socialism. Just look at the socialist Millenials and everyone else who’s constantly in support of socialism.

Not one of them wants to work. Instead, they’d rather have collectivist wealth redistribution and the evils that come with it.

These are the same people, of course, that have no concept at all of Western history and civilization.

They don’t know about the current battle between capitalism and socialism. Nor do they have any concept of the importance of freedom and the authoritarianism that socialism brings with it.

Instead of learning about any of those things, socialists just want free stuff. They want Warren’s Medicare for All. Or Bernie’s free college. Or maybe Andrew Yang’s “freedom dividend.

It’s all idiotic. Obviously, nothing is free. We all pay for it through government debt and taxes.

Luckily for us, Trump has cut taxes. But, the national debt is still skyrocketing. All those ridiculous government programs are paid for one way or another.

So, who supports socialism? As the meme above says, socialism works for those who don’t. Its supporters are those that somehow haven’t managed to find a job despite the booming Trump economy.

Unfortunately, there seem to be too many of those people. They need to read Atlas Shrugged and see what will happen if they continue to push for socialism. Atlas will shrug and the economy will collapse.

So, what’s the solution? Is there one? Yes, there is. But, we just have to work hard to educate socialism’s supporters on why it’s wrong. Millennials can be educated on why capitalism is the correct policy. It can be done, it will just be difficult.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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