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Who Supports Gun Control?

My Thoughts on Who Supports Gun Control

Who supports gun control policies? Tyrants. Tyrants and dictators that view your life, and the life of every other individual, as something of a pawn piece on a chessboard that is meant to be quickly and almost thoughtlessly sacrificed in the name of the greater good.

Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot all engaged in gun-grabbing before beginning their mass-murdering. That’s because they knew that if they were to sacrifice all those living, breathing pawns, they’d first need to leave them defenseless.

So, they engaged in gun confiscations of the sort that liberals in America want to make happen here. Those brutal dictators wanted defenseless citizens, as does Michael Bloomberg. And, ultimately, the death toll of those policies was tens of millions of innocent people dead.

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Of course, many of those deaths also relate to the death toll of socialism. As we’ve seen in America, socialist sympathies and gun-grabbing sympathies often go hand in hand, which is yet another point in support of Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism.

But, that’s not all. The problem isn’t just that socialists want gun control so that they can implement their policies without having to worry about effective resistance from their subjects (not citizens, because citizens can own weapons). No, the bigger issue at play is that gun control creates an unhealthy dynamic in society.

When armed citizens are the norm rather than the exception, there is a healthy balance in society. Citizens have the proper weapons to resist tyranny but aren’t overly concerned with doing so because they know that they can defend themselves. But, when weapon ownership is banned or limited, that balance is no longer present. The government becomes overbearing and corrupt, as is always the case with Big Government rather than a limited government, and citizens have to protest more to stop any potential attack on their rights.

Two recent events support that statement. One is Eric Swalwell’s contention that if gun owners don’t give up their weapons, then the government should nuke them. That arrogance, lack of respect for the 2nd Amendment, and desire for violence towards average Americans show just how evil and overbearing governments become when they have a monopoly on violence.

Secondly, the Hong Kong protests are a perfect example of why you need to own a military-grade weapon and what happens when citizens are unarmed. Because they need to fight each and every assault on their rights, Hong Kongers are still in their scorched and battle-marked streets, fighting for their freedom from authoritarian China. But, they can’t adequately defend themselves because they are mostly unarmed. If they had the 2nd Amendment, they wouldn’t have to worry about their tyrants in chief that support gun control and the pacifying effect that it has.

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So, who supports gun control? Tyrants. People that want to strip you of your God-given right to self-defense so that they can throw away your life in the name of the greater good. Don’t change your mind about gun control; keep fighting against it.

By: Gen Z Conservative