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Who Hates America More – Russia, China or Joe Biden

Writing in “The Mountain Democrat,” a Lake Tahoe regional website, author Larry Weitzman asks the question in the title of his article – “Who hates America more? Russia, China, or Joe Biden and Democrats?”

Some might say that it is only Trump that Joe hates and in his mindless Trump Syndrome he has gotten confused and transferred his vitriol for Trump to every American.

But as the days pass in his administration, it is getting much harder to find excuses for Biden’s behaviors.

At first, it seemed like incognizance, then came indifference, but after seeing the trail of economic, political, and military disasters Joe has leveled against everyone – now it seems intentional and vindictive.

Name-calling is Understandable – But Not Very Effective

New appellation expeditions have gone far and wide. From “Let’s Go Brandon” to Osama Bin Biden, Americans are almost competing to find new names for Biden and Harris.

While it makes for good memes, some comic relief, and lively conversation, name-calling tends to leave behind the gravity or the very serious nature of what the administration is doing to harm the nation.

We have been re-hashing the Biden blunders and almost anti-American behaviors since inauguration day – here is the shortlist.

·        Ridiculous mandates, fines and penalties, and job losses against Americans

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·        Getting soldiers killed in Afghanistan and leaving American Citizens behind.

·        Leaving behind billions of dollars worth of top military equipment – paid for by American taxpayers.

·        Promoting the further wasting of precious human life in the murderous trend of our generation known as abortion.

·        Closing pipelines and oil and gas industry efforts and begging OPEC to send us some crude.

·        Allowing CRT and other extreme left-wing rot to touch the hearts and minds of our most vulnerable – our children.

·        Backing the homosexual and transgender confusion that now has more varieties of perversion than flavors in the ice cream store.

·        De-funding police and leaving citizens around the entire nation subject to the whims and fancy of criminals and thugs.

·        Throwing open our borders (against U.S. law) as if they were the gates of heaven. Allowing drugs, child and sex traffickers and gang members to walk in and prosper at their evil trade.

Obviously, whatever name we can think to call Joe Biden and his administration, will hardly have much of an effect against these atrocities.

So, what can be done?

Impeachment and Criminal Charges – Very Believable

While some of the Biden administration’s actions may not be impeachable, one stands out as not only unlawful, but it is a crime against humanity.

Those terms which were more common just after World War 2 are begging to be brought back. Biden has helped an estimated 80,000 children and adults to be sold, trafficked, abused, raped, and killed at our southern border.

Because it was totally avoidable, is exactly what makes it a crime against humanity.

Should America wake up in the elections of 2022, the first matter on the agenda should be holding Joe Biden accountable for his part in these crimes.

Years of trying to impeach and impugn Donald Trump failed because there was nothing to the accusations. In the case of America Vs Biden, the evidence is an overwhelming avalanche.

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” (Proverbs 29:2)

By: Michael Bresciani

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