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Who Benefits from Socialism? Socialist Leaders, as the 20th Century Shows

Who Benefits from Socialism? Socialist Leaders.

In ancient Rome, an integral part of the legal system was the question “Cui bono?” Today, that can be translated as “who benefits?” Perhaps “integral” is an overstatement, the phrase was more used by a few specific leaders. But, in any case, it was an important question asked because it hints that there might be some conspiracy involved; things might not be what they seem. When faced with socialism, we need to ask “cui bono?,” who benefits from socialism?

Why should you do that? Why is it important to look into who benefits from socialism? Because once you start asking around, reading books about socialism, and understanding the history of socialism, it’s easy to see that socialist leaders are the ones who benefit from socialism. That’s a fact that was as true in the horrific times of The Gulag Archipelago as it is today.

This history of the Soviet Union is case in point to that. Despite Bernie Sanders’s assertions, the breadlines there were not positive developments. They were terrible and meant that people couldn’t even get the most basic of foodstuffs without waiting in line for hours. Meanwhile, Politburo members dined on caviar and toasted each other with champagne.

Does that sound fair? More importantly, does it sound like what socialism promises? No, it does not. Not in any respect. Socialist countries, according to their most vociferous proponents, are supposed to be workers’ paradises and utopias for the working man. In reality, they’re nothing of the sort. Socialist nations, because of who benefits from socialism, are nations that cater almost exclusively to the needs of the military and political leadership and leave workers to keep working in horrible conditions.

As the above socialism meme shows, Venezuela is another example of how only socialist leaders benefit from socialism. The average Venezuelan is starving and unable to receive even the most rudimentary medical care (that’s what happens when you treat a service as a right). But, Maduro is fat and happy in his palace, as are his loyal generals and thugs.

That might be what Bernie Sanders thinks the American Dream is, but I have a far different interpretation of the American dream. Mine involves equal opportunity for all, not equal poverty. Socialism destroyed Venezuela because the answer to “who benefits from socialism” is “socialist leaders.” Money from the state-owned enterprises went not towards benefitting the beloved proletariat, but rather towards creating lives of unearned luxury for the socialist ruling class.

If you’re suspicious of what’s really behind something, ask “cui bono?” In this case, ask “who benefits from socialism?” You’ll see that socialist leaders do. AOC and Bernie will be living high and mighty while everyone else starves. It’s what has happened every other time real socialism has been tried; there’s no reason to think that it wouldn’t happen here.

Of course, no good socialist would ever dare to admit the fact that the answer to “who benefits from socialism?” is obviously “socialist leaders and party members.” They’re far too held up on the inconceivably stupid idea that anyone and everyone somehow benefits from a socialist system. For some reason, they would rather continue advocating for an ideology that they must deep down will lead to their poverty and oppression than they would change course, renounce their socialist beliefs, and advocate for a capitalist system that, at the very least, creates equal opportunity for all and immense amounts of wealth for those that can take advantage of that opportunity.

That idea is idiotic because it doesn’t take into account the entire history of socialism, which is one of socialist leaders like Maduro and Castro growing rich and living the high life while their followers live miserable lives of poverty, stagnation, and misery. How is that good for anyone but a small fraction of the one percent?

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The answer, of course, is that it isn’t good for almost anyone. It’s only good for the often incompetent Politburo members that leech and steal from society rather than create value. They’re the looters and moochers of Atlas Shrugged. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less.

But, because the left won’t acknowledge the realistic answer to “who benefits from socialism,” few, if any, of the young socialists currently being indoctrinated by the far left understand that concept. They, somehow, are so uneducated that they actually believe that a socialist nation could somehow be a “workers’ paradise.” It is an absurd belief, but one that seems to have infected far too many members of the younger American generations.

As a result, we’re stuck dealing with a generation of misguided and confused young adults that have been so fully imbued with socialist ideals that they can’t think for themselves about the many failures of socialism or about who benefits from socialism. Instead, they just remain convinced that wealth redistribution would somehow benefit them.

As conservatives, we need to fight back against that and show them the truth about socialist leaders being the only ones who benefit. There are many young conservatives that understand both that socialism is evil and who benefits from socialism. Let’s help their voices be heard so that they can fight back against and educate their peers on the truth about socialism. I think that their doing so is the only hope for America because, without significant pushback against young socialists, it will be impossible for Republicans to win future elections.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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