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Poll: 74% of Americans Are Against White Privilege Training

At this point, almost every school and business forces its employees (and, in the case of schools, customers) to undergo arduous, boring, useless white privilege training.

Often, that is thanks to the demands foisted upon them by employees imbued with a sense of entitlement and victimhood by critical race theory, and, other times, it is because the companies are run by woke idiots.

Whatever the case, any honest person who has taken a session of white privilege training can tell you that it is racist and ridiculous.

As we saw with Woke Coke’s “be less white” training, the sessions often focus not on finding or correcting actual examples of racism in the workplace (because there almost never are any), but rather on blaming whites for society’s ills and forcing people to start thinking about race rather than merit. It’s ridiculous and racist, idiotic, and incredibly unhelpful.

But the good news is that most Americans, Republicans and Democrats alike, understand that white privilege training is terrible.

According to a poll conducted by Competitive Edge Research, 74% of Americans are “somewhat or strongly” opposed to white privilege training. In fact, only 6% of people are for it!

According to The Federalist, the study, which polled over 800 voters about social justice issues, found that:

“Just under 70 percent of respondents opposed teaching systemic racism and 80 percent oppose classrooms promoting “political activism.”

In terms of students being presented with contentious viewpoints, 87 percent said multiple perspectives is favorable. Fifty-two percent claimed their K-12 institution has increased its race, gender, and other leftist activism in the past two years…

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It is also notable that 75 percent of respondents opposed communicating to students that biological sex does not exist. Eighteen percent of respondents supported such ideology.”

So, whatever the radical leftists say, most Americans are disgusted with the inane things that leftists are “teaching” in the classroom. They don’t want white privilege training, don’t want their kids being propagandized to about systemic racism or other political issues, and don’t want their kids to be indoctrinated with trans ideology.

That’s why initiatives such as Pohl’s anti-woke education platform will succeed; parents want their kids to learn real information, not leftist propaganda.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook