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Meme of the Day: The White House Clown Show

It’s hard to take President Brandon’s Administration seriously, and not just because our rotting squash of a president seems like he needs to be in a retirement home somewhere, eating fig newtons and watching Matlock reruns.

Though that’s certainly enough of a disaster to make one “blackpilled” when thinking about America’s future (and the fact that millions of people voted for a dementia patient), it’s not all. As the infomercials say when you’re trying to watch a movie marathon at 2 am, “But wait, there’s more!”

Unfortunately, the “more” here isn’t some other piece of Chinese junk you don’t need for $7 more dollars (plus S+H). Instead, it’s total dysfunction in the office of the most powerful man in the world.

Take the Kamala issue. She’s terrible. Everyone with eardrums knows that she and her ear-grating cackle are absolutely terrible. But still, the White House should at least try to keep it under wraps that everyone (predictably) hates Kamala Harris.

But they can’t. Instead, we get leaks, published in CNN, in which White House officials air their grievances about the pantsuit-clad Gorgon. Oops. The clown show is so bad that even CNN can’t cover for it.

Or take inflation. It would be reasonable to assume that at least someone working in the bureaucracy surrounding 1600 Penn. would grasp that American consumers don’t want to pay more for POS products they know they shouldn’t be buying in the first place. Everyone’s leveraged up to their eyeballs in consumer debt, who wants to pay 12% more for some useless product from Target (or from the infomercial guy)?

The answer: NO ONE! Americans might not be the brightest bunch, but even they know that paying more isn’t a good thing. But, somehow, that seemingly obvious observation slipped past the Brandon Administration. Instead of trying to tamp down the inflation problem, Team Brandon remains laser-focused on spending more money that’s fresh off Jerome Powell’s money printers. It’s as if a gang of clowns just discovered how to counterfeit.

Or how bout oil prices? Slow Joe likes to roll around in convoys when he visits his home in Delaware (about every weekend). Surely he gets that gas is more expensive. Even he admitted that prices have gotten high, in his typically clueless way:

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Thank you Joe, very cool! In any case, even though Joe is shocked at the price of gas, his clown show of an administration has done next to nothing to deal with it. Rather than, say, letting oil producers obtain new leases and encourage them to pump more (ideas his energy pick laughed at), they’re begging OPEC to pump more oil.

Shockingly, the Russkies and Saudis like making more money for pumping less oil, so they’re not doing so. So enjoy paying an arm and a leg to drive your kid to school, perhaps take a lesson from the White House and pack everyone into a clown car.

And, of course, there’s the Afghanistan disaster. Frankly, an actual clown show probably could have handled that better than Brandon did.

Remember, these dolts are the idiots they say are your betters. The gang of clowns inhabiting 1600 Penn might pretend to be the best and the brightest, but it’s not. It’s a gang of corrupt hacks that have no idea what they’re doing. Remember that when they try to preach to you.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.