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Where are the Republican Politicians? Have they Deserted Trump?

Where are the Republican Politicians? GOP Voters Need to Find Out

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Republican politicians are cowards. When the going gets tough, they back down and don’t fight back. They don’t know how to fight the culture war and wouldn’t want to even if they did. That’s come up again now; in the republic’s darkest hour in decades, most Republicans have deserted Trump. We GOP voters are once again asking, “where are the Republican politicians?”

Now, to be fair, there are a few that have done a good job and are defending and trying to help Trump. Madison Cawthorne, a congressman-elect from North Carolina, was at the MAGA March in D.C., as was Rep. Gomert, a Republican from Texas. But no others were there. Every voter out there on the streets, supporting Trump and peacefully protesting voter fraud, was wondering the same questions- “Where are the Republican politicians? Why aren’t they here?”

That shouldn’t have been a surprise, even if it is incredibly disappointing. Unlike the Democrats, Republicans don’t know how to fight back or stand up for a cause even when it’s inconvenient.

Hence why W. Bush called himself a “compassionate conservative” and did little to combat illegal immigration, McCain refused to pull out all the stops to fight Obama, and Romney backed down quietly when challenged. It’s why Lindsey Graham is a “fighter” when convenient, such as during the Kavanaugh trial, but silent during times like now when doing so is inconvenient.

It’s why Chief Justice John Roberts refused to take on controversial cases or stand up for the Constitution. It’s why Fox News betrayed its voters and called Arizona for Biden far too early on in the night. Every time we rely on these people to defend us and America, they shrink away and hope someone else will do it. Or they just bow down to the Democrats in the name of “unity.”

where are the republican politicians
Republican politicians disappear when they see a fight coming. That’s why we’re asking “where are the Republican politicians?”

To be clear, “unity” is a false idol when it comes to domestic politics. We’re not at all unified as a country, we’re split 50-50, why should our politicians strive towards some false sense of unity? Furthermore, in any compromise with evil, it’s only evil that can win, as Ayn Rand excellently said. How are we supposed to unify with a party that cheats in elections, supports unlimited access to abortion, wants to raise taxes to confiscatory levels, launched a coup against our president, slanders anyone who gets in their way, and wants to use regulation to stifle businesses?

Sure, we should unite against China, although I doubt that most Democrats want to do that, but in terms of domestic politics, there is no unity that can be achieved. The Democratic Party has changed and we on the right now have pretty much nothing in common with it, in terms of ideology. We need fighters that will stand up to the evil demands of the left, not people who shy away from fights.

But, of course, the GOP’s chosen leaders don’t seem to get that. They want to be invited to nice cocktail parties and avoid confrontation, not stand up for their ideology or constituents. So we’re once again having to ask “where are the Republican politicians?” It appears that they have deserted us yet again.

They aren’t willing to stand up for anything not because they don’t believe in conservatism, but because they all just wanted to coast on Trump’s coattails. Except for a few, such as Romney and McCain, I think most of the Republican politicians of the past few years do actually believe in conservatism. But they don’t want to fight for it. With Trump in charge, they had the best of both worlds. Someone important (Trump) would fight for conservatism and American values and they could participate when convenient and slink away when it was not.

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Furthermore, Trump is incredibly popular; by being associated with him, they could boost their own popularity and then distance themselves from him when he said anything uncouth.

With that in mind, it’s not really a surprise that we’re now asking “where are the Republican politicians?” They were never willing to fight in the first place.

That arrangement worked for them, for a time. They were somehow able to get away with their occasional support of Trump while doing little of substance. Remember how we had both legislative branches and the executive from 2016-18 but our GOP representatives did nothing but pass tax cuts during that time? Why not immigration reform? Why not election reform? Why not mass cuts to the bureaucracy?

Of course, the answer is that passing anything other than tax cuts would have required spine, so they didn’t even try. We should have been asking “where are the Republican politicians?” in 2017 so that they’d be willing to fight by now.

All of those grievances are valid, Republicans in Congress should have gotten more done and stood with the president more consistently, but I think that what is happening right now is even worse.

Allegations of voter fraud are everywhere.

Yet only Trump, Charlie Kirk, Michael Knowles, Sidney Powell, and Rudy Giuliani seem to be fighting back against that injustice, and only one of them is in elected office. Where are the Republican politicians? We need them now. The media is silent, proving that it’s a problem, and that now includes Fox News. No Republican politicians other than the two I mentioned at the top of this article have spoken out. The GOP apparatus is silent and is not fighting back. That is disgraceful.

Maybe I’m wrong and there are some other Republicans that are fighting back. But I’m a news junkie. I read it all day every day. And I haven’t heard anything from McConnell, Graham, or other Republicans. Where are the Republican politicians? Why won’t they fight for us?

I think they’re scared and hiding. They forgot that extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Now is the time to fight; if we don’t do so now, then no elections in the future will be free or fair. Keep asking “where are the Republican politicians?” If they don’t come out of their hiding holes and fight for Trump, we should never vote for them again. We shouldn’t vote for cowards.

By: Gen Z Conservative