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Where Are All the Heroes?

American history is re-pleat with heroes: people who risked their lives to save others’, protect our country, preserve our Republic.

Mostly there are those whose duty is to serve: military, police, rescue workers, firefighters. But often it is ordinary citizens who step up to be heroes.

One of my favorite stories of such common heroism is of a man during the American War of Independence who just happened to be sitting in a tavern in Richmond, Virginia, when he heard some British officers at a nearby table planning to ride to Charlottesville to arrest (then Governor) Thomas Jefferson.

This ordinary citizen snuck out, rode through a snowstorm on all the back roads and shortcuts he knew, just beating out the British troops, racing up to Monticello to warn Jefferson just before the Redcoats captured and hanged him. Mr. Jefferson literally saw the enemy riding up the hill as he escaped out the back.

That citizen saved a leader of the Country and possibly our Republic as we know it.

We need such heroes now. To cry the alert of the enemy’s approach now. To expose the attacks on our electoral system and democracy in 2020.

This does not mean violence or lawlessness (the weapons of cowards), but ordinary citizens with access to information that will conclusively prove what many suspect, so the correction can be made and our American Republic saved.

By: Professor Garrett Ward Sheldon

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