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When did Political Segregation Start?

A Reader’s Thoughts on “When did Political Segregation Start?”


A few days ago I had the pleasure of hearing from one of my readers on Twitter in which he answered the question “when did political segregation start?”. He and I traded messages in which he expressed the feeling that political segregation, especially political segregation on college campuses and in started a long time ago. He also expressed concern that political segregation and political conflict in America have given way to a generational war. While I have edited his responses a bit, these are his thoughts, not mine. Enjoy reading this great guest post on political segregation, and if you have a response to an article that you would like for me to publish, then just email me! My email is 

Gen Z Conservative:

My article on political segregation in America:

The Start of Political Segregation:

I read the political segregation on college campuses and honestly I think that segregation started years ago. While it wasn’t as severe as it is today, it was still a problem, albeit a more limited one. Back in the day it was only from a select few extremely liberal colleges like Berkeley. The political segregation started when students became more vocal in their political views.

Later, after watching indoctrination after indoctrination, the hate and political segregation started to spread across the country. The indoctrination that turned liberal students into Social Justice Warrior ideologues came from everywhere. TV, politicians, and professors were all responsible. They even tried to get people who listened to rock and hated the government to vote. Look up “Rock The Vote” MTV tried to get people to do! (Check that out here, the rock the vote campaign still exists: Rock the Vote).

An Example of the Start of Political Segregation:

My baby boomer liberal friend states, that the political segregation and hate really started in small groups in the 1960s-70s. For example, my dad said that when he was coming back from Vietnam, people booed him even though he was forced to go. Also, he said that the hand peace sign actually is a V for Vietnam; it was meant to insult and depress our troops.

Then, everything slowly got worse when MTV started that Rock the Vote stuff. Although there had been strong liberal currents in America before then, it hadn’t really been outright indoctrination. Rock the Vote was outright indoctrination. But, it was not super effective. So, when no one fell for it, they removed rock videos from their lineup and started targeting people of color.

Because of that shift in strategy, political hate and segregation really got worse when Obama took office and they started implementing Common Core. (Read about some of the many problems with Common Core here: Problems with Common Core)  I would suggest reading up on past presidents and look up old videos or recordings of many of our presidents. Look up their policies and read their documents. Look up old news related articles and tv. See how they pushed narratives, especially ones that allowed them to limit our freedoms. Like I said earlier, that indoctrination came from everywhere; politicians, professors, and media sources were all responsible. Not only did they start a political war, but also I think they started a generation war.

The hate started when propaganda and indoctrination made extreme leftist views start to spread like wildfire. Because of the hate and indoctrination present on many college campuses, I refused to go to college and decided to learn things on my own. Rock the vote, Common Core, and other forms of indoctrination were present everywhere. I decided I could avoid at least some of those pieces of propaganda by not going to college.

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The Consequences of Political Segregation and Liberal Extremism:

I think it is very sad that politics in America have come to this. I saw the problems start in the early 1990s, and they’ve only gotten worse since then. Example of hate, political segregation, and political polarization have skyrocketed in intensity and frequency.

Why have American politics gotten worse? Because, the government wants us divided. It doesn’t matter which party you belong to. Or at least it shouldn’t. Just remember, united we stand, and divided we fall. The government and ideologues used our differences in worldview against us and that has been disastrous for America. Most have not woken up from the hate and segregation, and our politics are worse off because of that.

Hopefully, people will start listening soon. I do see some hope for improvement. For example, there are some of us out there that still speak to each other about our differences of opinion on political topics. My neighbor and I are friends even thought she is Liberal and I am Central Conservative Libertarian. We do all sorts of neighborly things like make sure the other is ok during severe weather, and have friendly political discussions.

Arguments start when someone does not understand where you are coming from. If you explain your reasoning before you start discussing complex political subjects, then people should at least understand where you are coming from. That helps make discussions stay friendly and not turn into arguments. However, there are some out there that refuse to see where the other is coming from and lots of people just want to be “right” in an argument. (That’s because they haven’t read How to Win Friends and Influence People. If they had, they would know to avoid arguments.) When they realize they were wrong, they name call and bully to try and “shut someone up”.  Not only is that counterproductive, it also usually doesn’t work. Never be bullied into shutting up, or try to bully someone into shutting up. Instead, just have a respectful debate.

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