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When Democrats Hate What They Vote For


Today’s article on when Democrats hate what they vote for was written by Parker Beauregard, whose blog, The Last Best Hope, is another partner blog of this one. I hope you enjoy the article and check out his site! -Gen Z Conservative

Fleeing Blue States: When Democrats Hate What They Vote For

Californians are fleeing in record numbers for red states like Texas, Arizona, and Nevada. New York City is emptying out as people with means relocate; many are going to Florida. For reasons only the Heavens know, there are normal people still living in Portland.

It is not hard to see what is happening: People are fed up with the overreach of Democrat-monopolized government. Their policies are inhibiting the possibility of retaining personal independence and achieving any sense of self-fulfillment. This is on top of not being able to provide basic safety to citizens.

Once these blue state refugees resettle, will they reflect on what drove them out and change their own beliefs and value systems? I am not optimistic based on my interactions with these people.

In the age of coronavirus, my place of work requires all employees to submit a daily self-assessment prior to reporting for duty on campus. It’s a simple test, asking if any symptoms like runny nose, headache, fever, and other basic ailments have presented within the last 24 hours. I actually don’t know what it all says; I just click “No” and submit.

A colleague of mine, a vocal critic of President Trump and ostensible masker – who has also made a point to email her supervisors about the lack of 100% mask compliance – arrived at work this past week emphatically distraught. She came in to work despite being told she had to go home by the algorithm of the self-screening app and later by our health consultant but didn’t want to. She finally relented. In the interim of testing and eventually departing, there were big emotions.

I was amazed at how my colleague responded to all of this. Given her fear of the virus and her outspoken way of handling mask breaches, it could have been safely assumed she would abide by the protocols. After all, it’s the science! Moreover, who wouldn’t like a paid day off? But no, this person felt wronged. She felt aggrieved. Her list of plaintive utterances was lengthy. “It’s only a headache…It’s allergies…I should have lied on the screener…What work can I do at home…I just want this all to end.” On that we can at least agree.

A second colleague of mine was awarded a personal grant of sorts for her work with an outside program. The award took the form of a sizable check. This person, who is neither necessarily poor nor well off, is accustomed to living off her paychecks and appears never to have noticed what all goes out of them. She just makes do with what ends up in her account. Upon receiving notification that her award had been deposited, she verified with her bank account and was instantly dismayed. Whereas the award was valued at $5,000, she had only received about $3,000.

Pop quiz: Where did her money go?

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This employee was dumbfounded. It needs to be addressed she is a Bernie supporter, and a diehard one at that. This point makes the example not only salient but particularly satisfying. Her own useless protestations indiscriminately penetrated the air, seeking out anyone willing to listen: “Look how much they took out…that was my money…I worked hard for that grant.” She was genuinely confused and upset. She also has no intentions of changing her voting habits. That she supports Comrade Sanders is simply a level of delusion playing out across this country with frightening regularity.

These two incidents illustrate a perfect encapsulation of the Democrat mind. A) Other people should have to ____, but not me. Fill in the empty spot: Pay more taxes. Lose livelihoods because of media panic porn and government overreach. Be dishonest when expecting others to be honest. Do as I say and not as I do. Most importantly, it exemplifies how fools who vote Democrat in 2020 have no conceptual understanding of what voting Democrat actually means. 

In the presidential debate, Joe Biden made a lot of nothing-burger comments, but he closed with perhaps the most insane position a legitimate presidential candidate has ever made. In his concluding remarks, he made it clear he would destroy our oil and gas infrastructure in the name of virtuous climate salvation. He knows full well that millions of Americans depend on these industries for jobs (and good paying jobs at that), that every single American depends on fossil fuels to heat their homes and places of work, power their transportation, and as Trump observed, enjoy the benefits of national security thanks to energy independence. These are not insignificant matters.

According to most reports, roughly 63 million Americans tuned in for the final presidential debate held on October 22. Millions more read coverage in the following days. There is no excuse for being unaware of what Biden not only said, but what he intends to do if he is elected. Trump once made a comment that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any voters. He didn’t even say kill, he simply said shoot. Perhaps he would shoot them in the leg. 

Biden just said he would shoot the entire fossil fuel industry and effectively kill it. Will he lose any voters? I would wager my house on the fact that there are idiots who will vote for this plan and then instantly complain about their homes being too cold or upset that traveling in a gas-powered car was banned. 

Hopefully you can fix stupid before November 3rd.

This article was originally published on 10/27/2020 by American Thinker.

By: PF Whalen