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What’s Next For Us? A Fulmination Against Our Current Situation

What’s next for America and the world?  That is a good question and if anyone thinks they have the correct answers you can stop me anytime and we can talk about it. It seems this country has come closer to a tearing point; the fabric of our society is slowly ripping apart.

We have a faction of Americans who claim that their sexual identity is changeable, fluid, switchable from male to female. At the drop of a pink vagina chapeau (pussy hat) their identifying characteristics can morph from boy to girl or from female to male and the rest of society must move heaven and earth to accommodate them, something they’re trying to codify with the Equality Act. That me, or anyone else who is on the normal sexual orientation ladder, won’t be near to the table where they are handing out rights doesn’t bother them in the slightest. In fact, to them, it’s a feature of the system, not a defect.

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Not only do you not get your right to live in a world in which you don’t have to think about the school system proactively subjecting your 12 or 13-year-old daughter to showering with biological males but that, but you can be fined and jailed for not calling a Joe, a Jane or vice-versa when he/she is having a feminine/masculine moment. You can be ousted from polite society if you say something to the 6’2″ kid with acne and a teenage beard strolling into the girls’ bathroom or wonder why a boy with a Michelle Obama protrusion is dressing in the girls’ locker room. Girls’ sports and the chance of a real female getting an athletic scholarship will be a thing of the past.

Also, we have allowed paid hooligans to get away with rioting whenever ‘news’ reports, the veracity of which is questionable even at first blush, and easily proven patently false with just the slightest investigation into the event, make the less-restrained elements of our society angry. Even after the evidence is presented, the riots are allowed to go on for weeks, because, as we are told, America is ‘systemically racist‘, and this was just what all of America deserves.

Never mind that both black and white businesses were destroyed, and citizens, who were wrongly painted with the same brush, were terrorized and afraid to leave their homes. And if they did step outside to defend their homes and their constitutionally protected rights , the city elders prosecuted them, not the people who were destroying public and private property. Rather than go after abominable criminals, they persecuted and prosecuted the ones who were trying to defend themselves.

Many have been killed, property has been destroyed en mass, and government office personnel and police officers have quit their jobs or been forced into the unemployment lines over the obviously untrue narrative.

But it didn’t matter because the anti-conservative news media had a scalp to take, a cause to exploit, and a potential cudgel to beat Trump and his supporters with. Few rioters have gone to jail or, if they have gone to jail, Democrat politicians, the media, Hollywood, and sports celebrities rush to defend them, going as far as paying their bail. It appears to me that the whole ball of wax is designed to destroy the best government, country, and people ever produced on Earth. I may be overstating the motivations but the facts are the facts

The racist hysteria has gone as far as to claim that math and language are inherently racist, that they are part of a system designed, from its inception, to hold people down. How hubristic it is for these people to stand in their ivory towers and scream down through the hallways of time, at the likes of Shakespeare and Pythagoras ‘Let my People Go’. 

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Does anyone see the irony in blaming someone else because of your child’s, or more to the point, the children of your constituents, inability to obtain the education that the taxpayer has contributed so generously to? We all know there are bad teachers, there are children who have learning disabilities or problems at home which distract them. But that is the point. All of these children are in the same system.

Some pass, some fail, and if your child is stuck in a poor school system, then maybe you should be looking at a school choice option as a better solution to top-down, one size fits all public schooling. Maybe a private school or a charter school would be better. So, maybe you ought to fight for school choice, which would give you the ability to take your tax dollars and put Joey or Jane into a better school or type of school instead of supporting teachers’ unions that have abandoned you and your children. Conservatives have to take charge of this fight and realize it is a fight for the future.

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Talking about blaming others, the attempts at denigrating and tearing down the reputations and statues of people from history because those ancients don’t live up to some dubious moral standard of today is ludicrous.

We could not have an understanding of the past if our ancestors hadn’t lived through it. They brought about the changes that have given us modern society and modern thought. A cultural example might be that you couldn’t listen to an Apple podcast on your iPhone if someone hadn’t created cassettes to listen to on a boom box. Should we denigrate the creator of cassette tapes for not immediately creating the iPod out of thin air? No, all progress is, to some degree, at least, gradual.

The country, like our philosophy, is built on the shoulders of giants. The statues of the heroes that the Marxists are destroying are of great men who the leftists have decided are not perfect enough in some way or another and now want to cancel. In favor of what, I wonder? They have no answers that work. Anarchy certainly doesn’t.

Now, whatever the newest episode or foible the Dems have latched onto to destroy the men and women from the past with, is a claim by idiots whose accomplishments (if they have any) can’t compare in the least to what these people from the past accomplished. Even if they have a high moral platform to judge from they are comparing apples to oranges in that we wouldn’t have our point of view if the Founders had not helped to create it.

When they founded this nation, Great Britain was the largest, most powerful force on the planet, much like Rome at the time of Jesus. Our little band of colonies, hanging onto the coast of this recently discovered continent, were tied to the Empire that had chartered their beginning. They were subject of the crown and they were also in competition with every other explorer and settlement for their livelihood.

They competed with the Dutch, French, and Spanish mostly, but also had to contend with the Fins, Danes, and the loosely confederated native populations. Those natives, while they had been on the land since the ice age when North America had first been populated, were not a nation. The native tribes, of which there were over two hundred, were constantly at war with each other, fighting over each other’s territory and for simple pride. Their culture was more similar to the culture that painted in the Lascaux caves in Neolithic Europe than with that of the Europeans that ‘discovered’ North America.

But these men, the average men, and families trying to survive in the heretofore wilderness and the giants, who led them like Washington, Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and so many others that it is impossible to name them, were also competing against The Crown.

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Mother England saw these colonies as a cash register to pilfer from whenever the cost of their wars or social programs became a problem. The Sugar and the Stamp Act, Navigation Acts, Wool Act, Hat Act, the Proclamation of 1763, the Quartering Act, Townshend Acts, Coercive Intolerable Acts, and finally the tea tax became so onerous that the colonists destroyed the products rather than pay the tax. That is one reason the former colonies drink more coffee than tea, but I digress.

The point is these men were not evil oppressors of the natives. In fact, the natives were happy to trade with and fight alongside all of the newcomers. They fought with the British against the French and on the side of the French against both Britain and Spain, the colonies and of course most famously on their own against the Colonists. Given that they had recently fought the costly Seven Years War against France it is not surprising that Britain was looking for more income streams with the colonies being the chief piggy bank.

It was against this backdrop that the Declaration of Independence was written and the Revolutionary War against Great Britain was fought. As the most powerful Empire on the planet, Britain did not see relinquishing this cash cow as affordable. This had a lot to do with the hubris of the British Officers and soldiers who thought that working for the largest empire with the greatest army and navy would guarantee them victory over the irregular forces of their colonies. And so Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill, Cowpens, Monmouth, Saratoga, and finally Yorktown were fought, along with many others that are not as famous.

The colonists under George Washington, with invaluable help from the French, defeated General Cornwallis and the attendant British fleet and so finally, after 8 years, the birthing of a new nation was achieved. The Revolution wouldn’t have succeeded without help from all quarters, the southern slave states, the French, deserting Hessians, allied natives, and a couple of miracles. Also, it is redundant to say that slavery was a fact in the world and had been since Eve looked coquettishly at Adam and asked him to take out the trash and mow the lawn.

While the Framers wrestled mightily with the contradiction that while they were declaring ‘All men are created equal’ that there was a class of men that were property Black slave owners in the United States (, it wasn’t simple hypocrisy that was to blame. In fact, to the end of his life, George Washington couldn’t understand why slaves wanted to be free if they were treated well, a lesson for the welfare statists in charge of the urban plantations to take to heart. So slavery was brought forward with the Charter of The United States but with conditions and an end date as yet to be determined. (see The Civil War).

There are also modern problems that require an explanation. We are in the middle of a pandemic that kills such a vanishingly small portion of the people in the country who get it that the Deep State politicians, medical establishment, and media have to collude to lump together those that die of the normal flu, people who die of a heart attack as long as it can be proven that they have been exposed to the virus, and old folks who die after they have been exposed due to Democrat malfeasance.

The country has been locked down for more than a year, while the usual Hollywood suspects produce video after video explaining to us deplorables, who have to go to work to make ends meet, how it is our duty to the world community to ‘slow the spread’ of this same virus that kills .02% of people who are exposed. The doctors and ‘hero nurses’ had to get in on the act too, making ridiculous videos dancing through the hallways and cafeterias of the hospitals that were, at other times, advertised as the abattoirs of the deadly Covid.

It also doesn’t add up that while certain mayors and governors who I won’t name (Newsom, Whitmer, Cuomo etc.) live their lives going on vacation, dining in luxury restaurants, and having Christmas with their relatives simultaneously issue orders for their ‘subjects’ to ‘lockdown’ under penalty of imprisonment (while simultaneously letting prisoners out of jail). The double standard by our elected officials demands that these people be called out while the perpetrators of the Covid hoax are found and imprisoned for crimes against humanity. But that would take a news media doing their job.

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For my part, I went into three hospitals in the height of the lockdowns (I’m not really good at following orders) when the nightly news would report incessantly the running total of new cases and deaths. I found all of the ambulances in their stalls, engines cold. I walked into the emergency rooms, which were barren of life, and saw no guard, no intake personnel, and no orderlies in the hallways, although I did see one janitor lazily mopping a floor. That’s not what I expected from a pandemic.

I started to get the impression that there was a con going on, just who was in on it or what was the end game I could not fathom, not yet. I kept hearing how this was going to hurt Trump but I didn’t see how. Pre-Covid he had engineered the best economy ever for everyone across the economic spectrum. He hadn’t caused Covid, China did. In fact, he shuttered affected travel corridors while Democrat politicians were telling people celebrating Chinese New Year and St. Patrick’s Day to come to New York and San Francisco.  

There were no vaccines to protect us from this horrible killer and to my surprise, medication which was purported to work and that had been used for decades on Malaria was denied to a populace waiting on the brink of destruction because the medications were too unsafe to be prescribed? And this malfeasance went so as threatening doctors with sanctioning if they only talked about it.

I kept hearing that this pandemic was going to hurt Trump. And then it started, the vaunted Dr. Fauci wanted to shut down the U.S. economy ( I was incredulous) 15 days to slow the spread, we were told. That was it, 2 weeks of staying inside and watching TV, couldn’t be that bad.

The problem was that not everyone could afford it and the Deep State politicians, in their hatred for Trump, had not taken into consideration the consequences. Hollywood types are rich and have rich friends, politicians kept getting paychecks and lobbyists starting digging their own ‘gold mines’ in the hallways of Congress, taxpayer largesse for everyone.

Only problem, paycheck dependent deplorables needed to work so Democrats just got an unexpected bonus in hurting deplorables. And then the Dem propaganda machine got cranked up in earnest, wall to wall news reporting Covid deaths with anti-Trump messaging liberally interspersed, AND – IT – WENT – ON – ALL – SUMMER. And even so, 75 million people voted for Trump, amid all of the negative reporting and ‘Orange man BAD’ being screamed from every media outlet he amassed more votes than any incumbent President in history.

And that brings me to the point about Big Tech censorship and disinformation. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many other communication giants have implicitly and explicitly stopped the free flow of information that is the hallmark of discourse in a Republic. If you didn’t hold approved opinions the Tech Giants would shut down your freedom of speech on their platform.

Normally I would say F-’em and go somewhere else to talk to people and express my opinions. But you could not go anywhere else because there was not a comparable place to go, and when other outlets were started, the giants used their collective influence to shut them down.

In the early days of all of this technological innovation, these platforms were given the extraordinary ability to publish this diverse content on their private platform and not be sued if someone said something untrue or hurtful as if they were a regulated industry, like a phone company, by way of something called the section 230 of the communication code. But the owner of Twitter was not supposed to be able to over-regulate what people said, something we now forget.

Freedom of speech and all of that but that ideal went out the window quickly when President Trump used his Twitter account to circumvent censorship on the TV. The others were doing the same sorts of things, Facebook would sell your data and target you with ads but they also started to flag what you posted or content of your Facebook store if you said the wrong thing. All of this was made legal by the reams of small print just north of the ‘click here’ button Google controlled all the pipes that your data was funneled through so you could find you were in a Big Tech cage if you wanted to communicate. And then around election time, they started limiting what you were allowed to do say or see on their sites if you were of the wrong political persuasion.

And now on to my favorite grift, Climate Change, previously Global Warming, previously Global Cooling. Every time it was discovered that these dire predictions, that could be exploited, were not going to become reality, the Earth ending calamity was renamed, goal posts moved but the goal remained, to wrestle the levers of power from the old world order with its American exceptionalism and shift it to a world-dominating governing body, Communism, that will fix all your problems and cure baldness.                                                       

And in that, we have sort of an inside-outside game with our political class, here in the U.S. represented by ‘Trojan Horse’ politician AOC from Westchester N.Y. A woman who in my opinion doesn’t have the requisite skill, intelligence, or ambition to become a congressman even in an uncontested district. She is (was) led by political advisor Saikat Chakrabarti, who has since left her orbit amid illegal campaign finance allegations.

AOC has made a place in hell for herself by promoting ‘The Green  New Deal’ which is a proposal to overturn the entire US economic system including outlawing beef production and consumption, doing away with dreaded cow farts, in the name of curbing the sun monster. Again this barmaid from Westchester does not have the tools in her tool chest to come up with this horrible idea all on her own.

And from outside the country is Greta Thunberg, an 18 year old Swedish environmental activist who burst onto the scene 2 or 3 years ago with a planet scolding message that immediately got her access to UN level press coverage and a global tour to continue telling people that we had f*** up her world and we had better do something about it.

It is obvious that her country and especially her school system have wholeheartedly bought into the notion that humans are causing the planet-wide ecosystem to be influenced first to cool, then to warm, then to fluctuate in such a way that we have to give our entire lives and livelihoods over to a consortium of scientists and rich guys to be told how we must live to perpetuate life on the planet.

Both of these young ladies advocate for massive government to enforce massive government programs with mind-numbing price tags that will cause everyone on the planet to suffer severe deprivations, except for the rich guys who are foisting this on us. Do you really think Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Meryl Streep will be eating soylent green and living in mud huts to show solidarity with their fans and ‘save the planet’? No, they will be going on highly profitable speaking tours and paying for their lifestyles with carbon offsets that aren’t available to us folks living in climate-friendly mud huts.

It is the same dynamic that man has tried to liberate himself from since the first set of bullies took control of an area of land and forced anyone, unfortunate enough to wander into their sphere of influence, to do their bidding. Pharos, Kings, Emperors, Chancellors, Dictators, The Prime Soviet citizen, President, no matter what the title is it all means that you have relinquished, at least part of, your freedom to others.

Fortunately, in early America, we were blessed with an extraordinarily learned group of men who had read what the learned men before them had written about all the forms of governing that had come before and devised a plan where the power of the king was divided into 3 and these three branches of the Tree of Liberty were set in tension against each other in order to keep any one branch from becoming too powerful. In this way they hoped to make the individual citizen, like the leaves on the tree, free from being controlled overmuch by the trunk.

But by far the thing that is doing the most harm to America both to our heart and to our soul, is the communist run through our institutions. Education, entertainment, and religion all have been infiltrated and controlled by socialist entities who want the government to dismantle a system, which has many faults but also a history of success, and install radical teaching systems (Common Core) that cater to the lowest common denominator in an effort to coddle and include instead of teach and place students where they will best succeed in life.

I have long railed against the teachers’ unions who lately have used the ‘scamdemic’ to refuse to go back to work because they are afraid of a virus which is proven that children are highly unlikely to contract or transmit (did I mention the teachers still collect their pay). But not only that there is a hard push not only allow but encourage abhorrent behavior, anything that will tear apart the cohesion that once defined Americans relationship to each other.

Transgender or gender confusion seem to be the favorites; what would in the past get you an appointment with the school counselor now will get a quick gender reassignment surgery, that forever destroys what the child was born to be. This is not only a West Coast phenomenon, it is perpetuated around the country and around the world.

And as for my opinion, if someone wants to butcher themselves after they reach their majority, age 18 – 21 depending on where in the world you live, then that is wonderful but children need to be protected from politically correct surgical invasion. Parental rights in these areas are getting weaker and weaker with the government in the form of Child Protection Services (CPS) coming into your home and your life on the predicate so slim as one phone call from a ‘concerned neighbor’ who by the way you don’t get to confront. But what is worse is that some parents are all too anxious to butcher their child on the pyre of political correctness that they were exposed to in there time in the Communist Indoctrination System, better known as American K – graduate school.

If we are to take or freedom back from the collectivists we have to start here. I hate to say it but if you put your child in day care or pre-school you need to vet the organization on their philosophy, questioning them will at least let the administrator know that you care about the direction of your child’s development and you are watching them. Go to a school board meeting or two and let them know you care about what they are teaching. It will take time out of your busy day but you should put your future higher on the priority list than the latest episode of The Apprentice. (can you tell I don’t watch much television?)

There are alternatives to public school, Charter School, home school (my wife downloads lesson plans and helps to teach a small group of kids because government Zoom classes aren’t sufficient), Hilldale College has great online courses and I’ve heard they are moving into primary education (call and ask, they are very nice people). Dr. Duke Pesta is a source I like 

And a little research will help you get to the education product that is right for you.

We have allowed our country and the heritage of freedom left to us to erode, but if we start today, standing up, fighting back, doing the big things in small ways, our freedom, liberty and independence aren’t that far gone but we have to start marching in the right direction.

By: David Gignac