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What You Should Know About Socialism

Introduction to What You Should Know About Socialism

As I’ve said before, interacting with followers on Twitter and publishing their views through guest articles has been one of my favorite things to do with this site. This article, on what you should know about socialism, is no different. Sheryl, who is the editor of The Intelligent Conservative Woman website, has written many terrific articles, some of which I will be reposting here in the coming weeks.

It’s important to gain an understanding of what you should know about socialism, so this one, written a few months ago, seemed like a great first one to publish. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and check out her blog after reading it! -Gen Z Conservative

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Dear American Students: There’s no other way to say it — You’re Being Lied To about Socialism10/17/2019 VIDEO Included: Real evidence about why we should never want a socialist government in America. Featuring information from ‘Young Americans Against Socialism‘ and people who have escaped socialism in other countries. 

by Sheryl Young, TICW Editor. 

Dear Students,
​You are our future. So we at TICW are asking you not to believe that socialism –in any form — is a good thing. Although the word “conservative” is in our name, we work very hard at finding references from impartial news sources, sometimes even “liberal” news sources, to confirm our claims. Please read the info in this post — some of it from young American students like yourself — and you’ll find some more proven resources at the bottom of this article that will teach you more about what you should know about socialism.

​Russia has been in the news a lot lately, although it’s now proven that President Trump was not involved in any election scam. The mainstream news media, Democratic candidates, members of Congress, and even your teachers and professors may bash any relationship the U.S. has with Russia — but at the same time they will tell you “socialism is wonderful.” They are contradicting themselves. Do you know the history of Russia’s dominance over eastern Europe and the smaller countries it “owned” before they fought for independence? It was called the USSR – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and lasted from 1922 to 1991. 

Its leaders caused some of the most horrible human rights violations: No choice in jobs, schools, careers, starting a business, or media channels. All were government-controlled. No freedom of speech (citizens faced imprisonment or execution for speaking out against the government or saying anything bad about its leadership). No freedom of religion. Invasion of privacy — citizens’ activities and beliefs were monitored (and quite possibly still are). Not being allowed to leave the country or sometimes even your city. A shortage of food, clean water, no choices in clothing, no choices in housing, or transportation.​

While liberals, progressives, and Democrats speak bad about President Trump’s dealings with Russia, consider these things: They know full well that no matter who is president, our country must deal with foreign governments. Sometimes, the dealings with these powers and arrangements that must be made will not please all Americans.2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders honeymooned in Russia and learned socialist and communist principles there (socialism can quickly turn into communism). 

Since 2016 when he took his first run at the presidency, Bernie Sanders has been claiming he would enforce a “democratic socialism.”Now, more 2020 presidential candidates are claiming the same. But history has proven that socialism by its very enforcement cannot be “democratic,” – i.e., “allowing citizens to participate in decisions.” The government takes over everything, as listed above. These policies have failed to protect the citizens of Venezuela, the Scandinavian countries (see a link below), Germany (think of Hitler and WW II), and elsewhere. Vice-President Biden’s son had jobs in Russia. Whether you have heard it was fair or unfair for him to be appointed to jobs there, the fact remains that he was an American having dealings with Russia. 

If you don’t want government all up in your life, socialism is not for you. Know what it means if you want to learn more about what you should know about socialism.

Although Millennials and GenZ react favorably to the term “socialism,” I’m finding through talking to some myself that not many can correctly define it. Can you? Don’t confuse socialism’s real principles with the idea of “social justice.” 

TICW has numerous posts about socialism. There’s one proving why the Scandinavian countries are not a socialist success story like Bernie Sanders claims (even Denmark’s president has asked him to stop saying so), one comparing capitalism, socialism, and social justice, another explaining why Jesus would not promote socialism, and a 2-parter with testimonies from people who’ve lived under socialist governments. But it just isn’t enough yet! 

Why are people flocking to America both legally and illegally? To escape countries which have the very same type of government these candidates are promoting!

VIDEO – There’s a new organization called Young Americans Against Socialism (YAAS), founded and led by Morgan Zegers. There are people included in her videos who have escaped from socialist countries. One even escaped by windsurfing for 10 hours! Zegers’ experience with a college roommate from a Communist country proved that Communism (the harshest of all types of governments), throughout history, usually builds itself on socialist principles first.  “Capitalism, (also called ‘free enterprise’) has actually lifted more people out of poverty than any other system,” says Zegers.
In their introductory Video, this new student organization has three testimonies from former citizens of socialist countries who attest that socialism is not a good thing. These escaped victims of socialist dictatorships like Venezuela and Cuba are telling their stories to warn Americans and teach you what you should know about socialism.​

In order to be aware of the twisted American history that’s now being taught in schools, please read more information and watch more videos from YAAS (WebsiteYouTubeFacebookTwitter). 

Check out this Daily Wire interview with a Swedish author who tells how socialism in Sweden failed miserably. He also explains that there is virtually no difference between “socialism” and the new “democratic socialism” being touted by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. ​
​And this video and article by a Chinese American whose grandfather lost everything to China’s socialist principles. Socialism quickly turned into full-blown Communism in China, where people are forbidden to speak out against the government, government officials, and China’s policies. At Tienanmen Square in China in 1989, during a citizen protest against Communism, the government massacred some of their own citizens.

Our 2020 Democratic candidates for president all favor socialism in one way or another, which should help you realize what you should know about socialism. They want to:Take guns away from everyone – even good citizens. This is the first tactic of a socialist government. Disarm the people so they must be obedient. Keep in mind, criminals and sociopaths will probably still find ways to get guns. The government tried to prohibit alcohol from being sold in the 1920s and 30s. It resulted in more criminals bringing alcohol in illegally, and they got rich.

This could happen with guns. Several 2020 candidates propose doing away with meat in the American diet, taking away both gas and electric cars, doing away with airplanes, stopping the coal industry — they say all this is “to improve the climate.” Do you know how many jobs that will eliminate? This means the people running the government will have more Americans at their mercy for welfare. It’s about control. 

Besides that, hundreds of scientists are now doubting that “climate change” can be stopped by human efforts. Those scientists aren’t allowed to be heard because their consensus is not the popular one. But that will have to be another article!

The 2020 candidates also want to tax business owners more to “decrease poverty.” This is very poor math! When you tax businesses more, the economy doesn’t get better. It gets worse. The business owners must make up that money somewhere in order to stay open. Employees get less work hours and benefits, or some people even get fired. Customers get charged more for goods and services. So it all comes back on the citizens. This is the opposite of social justice. The rich become poor and the poor become poorer and everyone becomes more dependent on government.​​ 
​So please take this information into consideration. Thanks! 

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A great book about the failures of socialism and what you should know about socialism: