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Joe Biden: What Weakness Looks Like

The Biden Administration isn’t just a failure, nor is it just corrupt, nor is it just inept. All of those words partially describe what’s going on, but miss the big picture. Take a step back and think: from where do they stem?

The answer, dear reader, is weakness.

Weakness is the plague sweeping over the modern world, especially the West, and Joe Biden is emblematic of it.

It used to be that America was full of hardy pioneers, yeomen farmers, and frontiersmen that worked and built things with their hands, lived honorable lives, and had all those virtues and vices that we associate with masculinity.

Through the 50s, that image largely held; the American man was an image of competence, strength, resolve, and ingenuity.

He beat the fascists, survived the Great Depression, and put America’s economy and culture on top of the world.

No longer. Now we have weak, senile bureaucrats like Joe meandering around the Oval Office and vegetating in our corporate boardrooms as CRT proselytizers scream about the evils of whiteness in the hallways. Our military brass lost to goat herders stuck in the Dark Ages and then let American troops die on the way out before making them clean toilets for the Taliban. Yes, that happened. Yes, it’s what weakness looks like.

Think of the heroes of the past. The Cid. Beowulf. Ulysses. Aeneas. Theseus. Hercules. What was similar about them? They were strong. They fought and won, never backing down or making room for evil.

Can anyone among the contemptible popular figures of the present moment compare? Will General Milley be ranked against Caesar or Alexander, Joe Biden against Tsar Peter the Great, or the woke members of the military against Hector of Troy? Shall our military that can’t win a war measure itself against the legions? I doubt it; degeneracy rarely measures up well against tradition.

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That’s because the West has chosen comfortable but contemptible weakness over uncomfortable but honorable strength.

The Europeans first lost the will to win, surrendering their colonies and national glory in the aftermath of World War II. With Malaya, the Raj, Indochina, Shanghai, and Algeria went the Anglo-French glory that had crowned the 19th Century.

Replacing it was America, which stumbled and lost its national fortitude almost immediately, letting the diadem of glory slip to the ground as it raced to dash its traditions against the bricks faster than the Europeans could.

We backed down in Vietnam, unwilling to bomb the dikes around Haiphong Harbor or treat VC sympathizers as our South Korean allies did, and losing because of it. Then the Iranians took our citizens hostage. And the Cubans sent their criminals to our shores. And the Mexicans and South Americans invaded across the Rio Grande. And al-Qaeda attacked the homeland. And the only response was a nation-building exercise in futility in the asscrack of the world while the other insults went unanswered.

At any point along that timeline our proud ancestors, not to mention the Victorians, would have sent the gunboats and Maxim guns to end the threat for good. No mercy would have been shown and our enemies would have been killed to a man. But then it would be over; strength would be shown and the rats would scurry back to their holes in Tora Bora.

But we didn’t. We got weaker and weaker, letting progressively less serious enemies humiliate us. The backward North Koreans built nukes and threatened to turn us into a “sea of fire,” a bunch of savages stuck in the 700s killed thousands of Americans, and we let gangs take over our inner cities.

All of those threats could have been nipped in the bud. But they weren’t. Because of weakness.

And that mentality of weakness has finally settled into the minds of the majority of Americans. The spirit of Kennedy, the mindset of Andrew Jackson, the independence of Thomas Jefferson, all of that is gone. Replacing it is a sniveling bugman that demands you wear a mask and apologize to the terrorists that attack you.

As a result, we have our senile, weak commander in chief, Joe Biden. That photo at the top is one that never would have been taken of men like Jefferson, Washington, and Jackson. But it fits the moment: one of weakness and decay.

If you want a solution, read The Bronze Age Mindset. It’s the only way out of this modern era of weakness.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook