January 20, 2021

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what to look for in a college

What to Look for in a College


As a college student, I was recently asked what students should look for when looking at in a college. My advice is different than most. Yes, where your friends are and how much it costs are variables that matter. But those are not variables that apply to everyone. Because they aren’t universal, I won’t examine them in depth here. If cost matters, then it matters and is of great importance. So are friendships. Each person should examine those through his or her own lens. However, the two variables that I can talk about and describe here are campus culture and college ranking.

Campus Culture

Campus culture is so important for any college student. It is one of the main factors in determining what a student’s time at college will be like.  Some campuses, as I describe here: Totalitarianism in Modern American Universities » GenZ Conservative are very totalitarian when it comes to campus or classroom discussion. (I included the link because its not worth going into in depth here, but read the article if you want to read more about that). If the campus isn’t focused on preserving free speech, then a student probably won’t get as much out of his or her experience there.

Professors on more totalitarian campuses refuse to listen to opposing viewpoints. That means that conservative students often can’t speak in class, or participate in discussions about any topics.

Also, the totalitarianism can happen outside of the classroom. Radical student groups can take over buildings, hijack discussions, heckle speakers, and even attack conservative students. Those students ruin schools. They, and the professors that teach them to behave in that manner, create an environment that it is impossible to learn in. Avoid places full of totalitarian students and professors, they create a bad campus culture.

College Ranking:

The ranking of a college is very important. Especially for students that hope to get involved with law or politics.  If one college is ranked substantially higher than the other, then it will probably open more doors. That is definitely worth considering, even if it means a college or university is more expensive.

Rankings are not everything. A student still has to get involved on campus and do well academically to open doors and do well after school. But, if a student is well motivated and heavily involved on campus, then being in a highly ranked school can help. Go to the best school you can get into and afford.


There are many variables that should go into where a student chooses to go to college. I can’t say which ones should be the most prominent on one’s mind when finding a school. But, campus culture and college ranking are two variables that everyone should consider. Good luck!


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