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What The Media Isn’t Reporting About Covid

There are two types of information regarding Covid. There is what’s reported and not reported. On either front, the amount of raw data and statistical analysis can be overwhelming. In hindsight, we have been had by the elite ruling class from the beginning; the powers that be knew about Covid’s lab origins and have traced the first cases to well before the March 2020 lockdowns. The initial fifteen-day lockdown was a trial to see how many freedoms could be stripped away without protest. 

At every step of the way, Americans have disappointingly embraced authoritarianism in exchange for nothing in return – we have lost money, freedom, and countless lives thanks to a push to experiment with “vaccines” instead of offering cheap and generic therapeutics like Ivermectin. If Stalin and Mao were responsible for millions of murders under socialist goals, consider the Covid body count under Tony Fauci and Democrats as a precursor to what’s to come if American pursues a similar course. Make no mistake, they will kill us to achieve political ends.

When the confluence of the Biden administration and social media giants speak of the need to censor, “misinformation,” they are not 100% wrong. There is an abundance of misinformation, and it is intentionally and unironically coming from these exact same camps. The umbrella of globalist leftism, which includes underneath it the Biden camp and tech oligarchies like Facebook and Twitter, is responsible for more misinformation. We have now seen that, depending on who is in the Oval Office and what day of the week it is, conspiracy theories and accepted truths are often one and the same. Lab leak hypotheses were taboo until they weren’t; the concept of masking has undergone more transitions than a regretful transgender person; just mentioning generic pharmaceutical drugs like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin was once enough to remove practicing medical professionals from their internet existence; vaccines would never be taken until they were a godsend. Do these anomalies not bother anyone?

There are questions beyond the purview of this article. Are Covid cases overcounted? What actually constitutes a Covid case? Why is asymptomatic a thing? How many people died from Covid as opposed to with Covid? What happened to the seasonal flu? Is Covid just a bad flu? How and why did pharmaceutical companies have a novel mRNA vaccine ready to go in record time for this outbreak? For that matter, how and why did pharmaceutical companies ask for patents for these new vaccines before the public knew about the outbreak? Why does any part of the population with natural Covid antibodies (i.e. those that had Covid and recovered) need to be vaccinated at all? Why is there a specific Covid passport but not a more scientific immunity passport? Would we ensure that an immunity passport covers all recovered Covid patients, since Israeli studies show that reinfection is low regardless of the presence of antibodies?  Why are states locking down again when, in a population numbering in the millions, deaths are in the single digits each day? Again, any single question should bother most people; asking them all should be like swallowing a horse-sized red pill.

This is what bothers me most: We have more information on Covid than we know what to do with, and it goes wholly unnoticed and ignored by the ruling media and political classes. It’s not new, this is just the medical community version of the Hunter Biden laptop. We know a lot, but it doesn’t advance an agenda or narrative, so it won’t get reported. There are three big studies that deserve widespread recognition. At the very least, readers armed with this knowledge can push back against their indoctrinated social circles when conversations inevitably arise. (Because our leftist acquaintances can’t help but bring up the fact that they are better people than us and know better than us. Seriously, someone on the left always starts these conversations in mixed crowds.)

I want to start with a study released by the CDC. You read that correctly – the CDC has all of the data and is sharing it with us. Has anyone ever heard Rochelle Walensky talk about it? Of course not. Here are the findings, based on almost 5 million hospital visits from March of 2020 to March of 2021: 95% of admitted Covid patients had at least one significant underlying health condition. The most common health conditions include obesity, high blood pressure, lipid imbalances, and anxiety. Each of these conditions are entirely controllable by the individual. Weight management, which includes diet and exercise (but mostly diet), could stave off conditions like obesity, lipid imbalances, and high blood pressure. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, individuals that died in their hospitalized stay due to Covid had a 30% higher mortality rate than their deceased peer groups that did not demonstrate anxiety. Now, we have long known stress is a killer, but this is a fascinating revelation if only for the fact that media fear porn undeniably drove people to madness and melted their brains this past year. Like I said, our media and political elites are killers, and now we have more proof. I’ll bring this first study back home: Preventable, underlying health issues were present in the vast majority of Covid hospitalizations.

The CDC’s published study confirms another study from earlier this year as well. The World Obesity Federation published its own findings on the at-the-time current death totals from Covid around the globe. Of the 2.5 million Covid-related deaths, 2.2 million of them were of people who could be considered obese or living in a country whose obesity-rates were greater than 50%. As with the epidemic of anxiety-related illnesses, this commonsensical finding is made even more egregious considering that the first places to be shut down were local gyms, whereas other places like fast food restaurants saw booming business – aided in part, no doubt, by the closure of dine-in establishments. Critics will point out that a McDonald’s has a drive-thru option and you can’t drive through a squat rack, however we were also lied to about the purported transmission of Covid via surfaces and during the never-stopped air travel whereby passengers could take their masks off to eat and drink. Again, to summarize findings that we long suspected or knew: Obesity is a major factor in Covid mortality.

Finally, there was a helpful study published by the Israeli health department that analyzed its rising Covid case count through the lens of vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations. Now, if this data was all self-reported by citizens, then fine, but if the government just knows its citizenry’s vaccination status, let’s pause right here and say I’d rather the United States not be able to replicate this study on the grounds of personal privacy and limited government. In short, in Israel’s rising Covid cases include in the counts a mere 1% of previously infected individuals and six times that amount in individuals that were vaccinated. Previously in this article, I asked why those of us with natural immunity needed a shot, to which entire organizations like the CDC and FDA or individuals like Tony Fauci or Joe Biden have never answered. It’s an obvious question to ask even before Israel releases information showing I have protection with or without antibodies being present and now more recent information demonstrating my natural immunity offers better protection than an experimental jab. 

Here’s the bottom line: If you are younger and healthier, survival rates alone should preclude anyone from getting or even requiring the vaccine. Throw in a previous infection, and it’s insanely anti-scientific to demand one. Maybe in six more months these basic truths will be “information” and not “misinformation.” 

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By: Parker Beauregard. This article originally appeared on Blue State Conservative