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What the Covid Panic is Really About


This guest article was written by Catherine Bulcher and sent to me by the head of the blog, Maria Wiseman, of the Mellow Musings Blog and is an excellent take on what the Covid panic is really about. Hope you enjoy it! -Gen Z Conservative

What the Covid Panic is Really About According to Maria Wiseman

The news about the coronavirus is not just about the coronavirus and trying to keep us informed. You can disagree with me and call me cold-hearted. I don’t care. This is America and I have a right to my own opinion about what the Covid panic is really about. If you don’t like it then stop reading.

It’s 2020, an election year. If you look back in history, if the economy is going strong, the president usually gets re-elected. If the economy is in the tank, America elects a new president because they want a change. President Donald J. Trump was predicted to be re-elected. The economy was going strong, he appeared as if he actually cares about the American people and he’s the most pro-life president we have ever seen. The Democrat nominees are the polar opposite of Trump, Trump was favored to win.

The end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 saw the news media talking about the impeachment. All they talked about was the impeachment. When Trump was not ousted from office, the news started talking about….the coronavirus; that’s what the Covid panic is really about, distraction.

Until the hope of Trump being thrown from office was extinguished, there was hardly any talk of the coronavirus even though it’s supposedly the worst thing since the Black Plague.

The democrats and the media had to scramble for some other way to ruin Trump’s chances of being re-elected when impeachment was no longer an option. They talked about the coronavirus more and more until it’s all we hear any more. They instilled fear in people’s hearts and the states started their lockdown, which is another part of what the Covid panic is really about. With the lockdown, the unemployment rate skyrocketed and the economy is slowly shifting into nothing.

Only one person seems to be concerned with the economy and what this lockdown is doing to our country. President Trump. No one else seems to care that if we don’t start opening businesses we will be in the middle of the second Great Depression. Why don’t they care? Because if the economy is non-existent, the chances of Trump getting re-elected to a second term as president are slim.

what the covid panic is really about

This whole thing is not actually about the coronavirus, it’s about the Democrats and media being cry babies that Trump, the man no one thought could ever be our President, became president and has gotten stuff done. They’re angry at Trump, they’ve been angry for four years and they can’t stand the thought of him getting elected to another four years. To them, the prospect is as grim as Nazi Germany.

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Nothing in politics is about chance. Everything is orchestrated and the media is right at the center of it all; that’s what the Covid panic is really about. They like being in the center of things. Considering how most of the media is liberal and anti-Trump, it really comes as no surprise that everything started with the media and will end when the media decides to shut their faces and stop talking about the coronavirus. 

If the media truly wanted to give us news, we would be told the recovery rate from the coronavirus is 90%. We would be told about the number of people who have recovered from the coronavirus and are doing just fine. Instead, all we hear about are the new number of cases of the coronavirus and the number of people who have died.

This lockdown is not about you, or me, or our grandparents. It’s about ruining our country, experimenting with Socialism, and getting Trump out of office. If they truly cared for us, they wouldn’t be forcing our businesses to close and for everyone to apply for unemployment. But they don’t care about us, they want us to be scared. That’s what the Covid panic is really about. Fear.

If they truly cared about life, abortion clinics would not still be open. If they truly cared about our well-being, they wouldn’t be feeding us statistics wrought with fear. It’s time for it to end.

By: Catherine Bulcher