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What Should Trump Do Now?

Neither I nor anyone else should presume to tell Donald Trump what to do. He is quite capable of deciding for himself, which I’m sure he will do. I am writing only what I HOPE he will do, for himself, our country, and the world.

President Donald Trump will go down in history as the greatest victim of political abuse and harassment, in spite of (or perhaps because of!) his popularity, extraordinary accomplishments, and personal character.

Since BEFORE his bid for the Presidency, he has been maligned, slandered, falsely accused, attacked in every way, ridiculed, misrepresented, and finally cheated out of the greatest landslide victory of any American Presidential election. Throughout all this, he has shown remarkable restraint, discretion, respect, and professionalism. He is a Real Hero.

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All this because he dared to upset the Establishment apple cart: The Globalist system of politics, commerce, crime, and corruption for the interest of American sovereignty, economic independence, and prosperity. The Rule of Law and Constitutional rights for Free Speech, Freedom of Religion, and the right to bear arms, (all essential to democracy, independence, and liberty).

The vast majority of Americans supported him for this, especially since the American values of Faith, Family, and Country had been eroded for several decades.

President Trump oversaw the greatest economic growth in our history; the elimination of draconian and destructive government regulations; extrication from disastrous international arrangements (NAFTA, Paris Climate Accords, Open Borders, etc., etc.); Peace initiatives in the Middle East (especially diplomatic relations between Israel and her Arab neighbors), North Korea, China, and Eastern Europe. He was on the verge of instituting Freedom of Choice in schools, which would have restored sound education (over Liberal public-school indoctrination) and exposing decades of political crimes and corruption. (Which is why he had to be stopped.)

Under the circumstances, he has shown remarkable restraint, fortitude, and character. He would be quite justified in retiring to private life, peace, comfort, golf, and memories.

But his patriotism and self-respect should lead him to continue to work for the country he served so faithfully, with the honesty, diligence, and common touch that has made him so loved by average Americans. He has indicated he will continue to engage our polity and society and I hope this will include regularly communicating the benefit of his policies, the disaster of the Biden policies, and the need for election system reform.

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If his communication is stifled and censored by Big Tech (Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc.) he should use the newer networks and platforms which will also help them grow. I hope he will continue to have those massive rallies, regular broadcasts and speeches, and personal engagement with leaders here and abroad.

A top priority is the reform of our election system from massive corruption, manipulation, and deceit. Some kind of objective, honest oversight of voting, ballots, and machines is necessary to preserve our Republic.

All the Conventions of States, Civil Suits, Term Limits, marches, and debates will mean nothing if the systematic destruction of our electoral system witnessed last year is not corrected.

Even those who “benefited” from this theft of our democratic system should see that it is not in THEIR interests to lose our Constitutional Rights, government accountability to the People, the objective, equal Rule of Law, and our heritage of freedom. It may be fun to gain by cheating for a little while, but in the long run, it is disastrous even for those clever cheaters. In the end, as the old saying goes, “Honesty is the Best Policy.” Playing by the rules may be hard at times, it may even lead to losing, but it is better for society and personal character to be fair and honest.

 Years ago, I heard there was widespread cheating in one of my college classes, during an exam. Because of The University of Virginia’s Honor Code, professors didn’t have to proctor exams, trusting students’ integrity.

When I heard of widespread cheating on a midterm exam I addressed the class. “Don’t cheat,” I said. “If you get caught it could ruin your career and life. And even if you get away with it, you can’t have any self-respect if you win by cheating.” A rough boy in the back of the classroom shouted, “Well, Professor, when I look at that “F”, I don’t have much self-respect!” “Yes,” I said, “but you came by that “F” honestly!”

By: Professor Garrett Ward Sheldon

Professor Garrett Ward Sheldon is the author of: THE POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY OF THOMAS JEFFERSON and THE HISTORY OF POLITICAL THEORY: Ancient Greece to Modern America.