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What Makes America Prosperous? Capitalism Does

The Quote

“America’s abundance was created not by public sacrifices to the ‘common good,’ but by the productive genius of free men who pursued their own personal interests and the making of their own private fortunes.” -Ayn Rand on What Makes America Prosperous

My Take on What Makes America Prosperous

What makes America prosperous? Big Government programs? Nope. What about the sacrifices to the common good that Ayn Rand mentioned? Again, nope. So, what’s the answer, what makes America prosperous?

The answer is capitalism. Capitalism of the laissez-faire sort described in The Wealth of Nations and Capitalism and Freedom creates prosperity. How? By adding the reward for risk that makes the economy grow.

Socialists of the sort like Elizabeth Warren act like wealth inequality is a huge problem. To eradicate it, they want to pass unconstitutional taxes and redistribution of wealth schemes like Medicare for All or forgiving student debt, both of which are programs that would steal from some members of society and give to the ones the government arbitrarily chooses to help.

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But they’re missing the point and are incorrect. Wealth inequality is not the problem. In fact, it’s what creates the incentive for capitalists to build the economy. Just read The Republic for Which it Stands. The Gilded Age was an incredibly unequal time period. But, America grew economically in huge ways. It was booming even more than the Trump economy is booming now, which is quite impressive!

Unfortunately, too many of the modern socialists that currently have such a loud voice in our society don’t understand that. Instead, they are blinded by the unequal wealth that capitalism creates and don’t understand why that unequal wealth is, in reality, a good thing that ends up making everyone better off, whereas “equality” would just make us all poorer and less free. As Churchill once said:

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

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From: Winston Churchill on Capitalism and Socialism

In other words, capitalism creates wealth whereas socialism destroys it and makes everyone miserable and far worse off than they would be under a free market system.

the failure of socialism is related to what causes American abundance
Socialism helps no one
From: The Failure of Socialism

Although it’s said differently, I think this Ayn Rand quotation about what makes America prosperous ties in quite well with the Churchill one. America is prosperous and has an unequal sharing of blessings only because we have so many. We’re an affluent society; that’s because here people are free to build wealth as they want. Economic freedom is what makes America prosperous

If we weren’t free, no one would do anything at all. They’d just sit around doing whatever mindless activity gives them the slightest feeling of pleasure, as is common in degenerating societies like the late Roman Empire, or be worked to death in a gulag or work camp like the other unfree nations of history. There’s no other way to say it; socialism fails because freedom is necessary for capitalism, and capitalism is necessary for our continued prosperity and economic success.

Don’t let the socialists convince you otherwise. We can’t have a resurgence of communism. What makes America prosperous is that it embraces free markets and free people. Communism, on the other hand, doesn’t. That’s one of the many reasons why socialism always fails.

So, we can’t let socialism come to America. It will destroy the system that has made America so prosperous so far. And make no mistake, America is incredibly prosperous. It’s so unfortunate that people like Warren and Sanders don’t understand that. They should count their blessings rather than enviously try and take those of others. America is the most prosperous nation to ever exist.

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Unfortunately, that continued prosperity means that people have forgotten what it took to get to this point. When asked what makes America prosperous, they don’t have an answer. We young conservatives need to remind our peers that socialism isn’t the right policy; capitalism is.

Their Marxist professors have convinced them that socialism will create a better society. As higher education is generally an echo chamber for the far left, little is done to dissuade them of that idea or convince them that socialism is not, in fact, a path towards prosperity but is actually a path towards serfdom and misery. Young conservatives can and should try to change that. We know the views of the socialists on college campuses and are in a great position to rebut them.

I think that the best way to do that is to use the wisdom of those that came before us, namely through using quotes like this Ayn Rand one on what makes America prosperous. By using free market theory and real world examples of why capitalism works, we can hopefully convince our left-leaning peers to turn away from socialism and towards the traditional American system of free market capitalism.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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