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What is Real Communism? The Tyrannical System that the Soviets and Mao Tried

what is real communism

My Opinion on What Real Communism Is:

As this meme suggests, real communism/socialism is a terrifying force. Whenever someone asks “what is real communism,” usually in response to a communist apologist saying that historical examples of communism aren’t real communism, few people have an answer. Almost no one has a good one. Well, now you do. In fact, if you just read the next paragraph, you’ll have quite a few.

Here’s a Gen Z conservative’s definition of communism; communism is a political and economic ideology that people flee from constantly. Think of the North Korean defectors who risk everything to try to escape from that communist hellhole. Or the Venezuelan refugees who flee from starvation and government thugs running them over with armored vehicles. Those are examples of real communism and socialism. Despite the claims of young American socialists that desperately want to support a system that works, both the Soviet Union and China under Mao were also examples of real communism. So, if you are ever asked “what is real communism,” you know how to respond; it’s a sytem that has been tried, and failed, many times before.

Don’t believe me? Well, here’s the definition of communism:

[Communism is] a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.

Doesn’t that remind you of a few systems that have existed before? The Soviets had a class war that resulted in Lenin eventually taking power. The state owned everything and workers were paid based on what the states saw as their needs. Ditto that for China under Mao; all property became communal, workers were given a basic allotment based on their needs and were forced to work as hard as the state thought they should. Same for Cuba. Same for Venezuela.

Those states are excellent examples to “what is real communism” because they were objectively communist countries. They had public ownership of resources and the means of production, gave stipends to workers based on “need,” and forced everyone to work based on ability. Don’t listen to the naysayers; those countries were (and are, in the case of Venezuela and Cuba) examples of real communism.

The main reason that so many contemporary socialists claim that the Soviet Union, China under Mao, Venezuela, and Cuba were not communist nations is that those systems all failed. The USSR collapsed in 1991. China was a backwards and starving nation until it embraced corporatism. Venezuela is a complete wreck because of communism. Cuba, as you can read about in Socialism Sucks, is only staying anywhere near afloat because it embraced some aspects of capitalism. So, in short, all of those nations were failures and our friends on the left don’t want to recognize them as answers to “what is real communism” because that would be embarrassing and prove the faults of their chosen system.

But here’s the thing, the impossible to obtain communist utopias that Social Justice Warriors dream up don’t exist. In fact, they can’t exist; because of the inherent fallacies of communism, communists nations always fail and never approach anything close to a utopia. What does exist in communist states is complete and total misery for everyone but the ruling class.

Socialism always fails because it is a corrupt system and relies on humans being inherently selfless and willing to work for those around them, which is completely wrong; humans are naturally selfish, not naturally selfless. They won’t work long shifts in the factory to help those around them, as Ayn Rand describes excellently in Atlas Shrugged. Because of that, communism can never succeed.

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Furthermore, as I mentioned in my “John Galt Justice Quote” post, communism fails because it leads to unjust praise for the wrong people. Instead of praising those who build up the economy and thus the country, communists praise the leeches that mooch off the public’s money and are the ones who actually benefit from socialism. That disconnect between achievement and praise means that socialist/communist societies are not only bound to fail, but also miserable hellholes. The type of places that people like the brave woman in the photo above flee from.

Conservatives, especially Gen Z conservatives and conservative college students, need to start standing up to those who say that “x” historical example isn’t real socialism.

Every example of socialism is “real” socialism or communism, despite what the adherents of those miserable ideologies say. Gen Z is a fiscally conservative generation. We need to defend that viewpoint and show that fiscal conservatism leads to economic growth and personal happiness and communism leads only to misery.

“Real communism” is any historical example of a communist or socialist government. Despite the many differences between those examples, one thing unites them. That uniting detail is complete and utter misery. Don’t let the socialists like AOC (who doesn’t even understand socialism) turn America into yet another example of a socialist, failed state.

Fight back by answering the “what is real communism” question with this picture of a fleeing woman, chased by communist thugs as capitalist police officers protect her. That is what real communism is. It is a system that uses force to enforce a system that will never succeed but will instead only bring about misery and suffering. If you want evidence, just look at the nations I mentioned- the USSR, China, Cuba, East Germany, and Venezeuala. They were all undoubtedly communist nations. And they all were horrible nations to live in.

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