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What is Political Correctness? An Evil, Tyrannical Ideology

The Quote Answering “What is Political Correctness?”

“Political correctness is tyranny with manners.” -Charlton Heston on “What is Political Correctness?”

My Take on Political Correctness

The above quote by Charlton Heston, a great actor and one of the best presidents of the NRA, on the “What is political correctness?” question is perfect.

No other quotation could have so perfectly summed up the answer to “what is political correctness?” in such a correct manner or done so in such a concise way.

In my view, political correctness is what’s wrong with America. More specifically, it’s what’s wrong with the modern American left. Political correctness, faked outrage and victimhood, taking offense at everything, and America’s vicious cancel culture are all toxic facets of current American politics.

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With the fact that Joe Biden is a rapist becoming readily apparent, the Democrats have been forced into a corner. They can either disown him, thus casting off the baggage of his gaffes, corruption, and sexual misconduct but placing themselves at the mercy of fate and hope a more suitable candidate rises, or just ignore or downplay the accusations and continue to be hypocrites. So far, they’ve taken the hypocrisy route, and in so doing shown off their new, amoral morality.

The way that Joe Biden saga relates to the “what is political correctness?” question is that it makes political correctness all the more important for Democrats in their attempts to slander Republicans. The Democrat sense of victimhood, foster by racial victimhood and the #MeToo Movement, has been severely limited by Joe Biden and Democrat hypocrisy.

what is political correctness? the same thing as cancel culture
Cancel Culture, like Political Correctness, is an evil force of tyranny

How can they be on the side of the racially oppressed if their leader talks about molesting black children at a pool and how can they be on the side of women if they’ve chosen a rapist as their presidential candidate? Their reliance on cancel culture has been, well, canceled for similar reasons.

So, rather than relying on those usual strategies, Democrats have had to go back to their political correctness playbook, making the “what is political correctness?” question all the more important for Republicans.

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In my view, it’s likely that we’ll now encounter more accusations of not being politically correct rather than accusations of sexual misconduct or not believing victims. Those issues are too sore of subject for Democrats.

So, we Republicans need to prepare for that future and get ready to fight back against it.

To prepare, we simply need to steel ourselves to fight and then answer the question “what is political correctness?”

The best way to fight back against liberal screeching about political correctness isn’t to constantly deny the accusations. Yes, you’ll need to do that, but staying on the defensive forever will never work. So, we should also go on the offensive. Point out why censorship dictated by PC tyrants is wrong, why political correctness is, in essence, tyranny, and why someone’s actions matter more than whatever false idea of racism liberals project on him or her.

President Trump, I think, is the best example of that. Democrats have accused him for years of being a racist and not politically correct. The simple fact is that while he might not always be politically correct, he certainly is not a racist.

He just loves America and despises those that would try to harm our country. And what has he done? Sure, he’s defended himself, but he’s also gone on the attack and fought fire with fire. He’s shown why the Democrats are wrong, why what he has done has benefited America, and hasn’t let considerations of political correctness stifle his decision making.

Liberals, especially the leftist that form the woke mob, will try to use political correctness as a bludgeon with which to destroy conservative candidates. They’ve found doing so is reasonably effective and plays well with their base. So, conservatives should learn that the answer to “what is political correctness” is “tyranny” and use that fact to fight back against it. The Democrats use political tyranny as a “polite” tool in their political slander toolkit. Don’t let them continue to get away with doing so!

By: Gen Z Conservative