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What is Political Correctness? Right Now It’s Cowardice

My Take on “What Is Political Correctness?”

Imagine you’re the mom in the above political correctness meme and your child asks “what is political correctness?” How would you respond to that question? Would you say, “it’s a way to change your speech to potentially not offend those that seem to always get offended” or, perhaps, would you say “it’s some ridiculous idea the Democrats came up with as a way to shame Republicans and attack free speech?”

Both of those answers would be more or less correct, but, right now at least, I don’t think they’d fully answer the “what is political correctness?” question. That’s a problem because the question is one which we conservatives need to learn how to answer now that the tyrannical doctrine of political correctness has spread into every nook and cranny of American culture, as shown by the recent decision of the Big Tech oligarchs to cancel everyone with whom they disagree.

However, the mom’s answer to “what is political correctness?” is absolutely terrific because it fully covers the two aspects of what political correctness really is. It is:

  1. Giving up and hiding your own opinions
  2. Doing so to temporarily satiate the vengeful and overbearing attitudes of the rabid mobs of leftists assholes that will soon go back to attacking you anyway.

Why It’s Important to Understand the Truth about Political Correctness

With that definition of “what is political correctness?” in mind, I think that conservatives, especially the many young conservatives and college conservatives that experience political correctness the most, will be better able to push back against the PC doctrine that liberals have constructed and implemented around our great nation. They will be better able to start fighting back because it is far easier to openly disagree if you have a general conception of what the other side is fighting for.

Right now, few conservatives could answer “what is political correctness?” because they have not really given it much thought. Hopefully, as the absurdity around us increased, more and more conservatives will wake up and realize what political correctness really is.

And make no mistake, we need to start fighting back against it. Establishment Republicans, as we’ve recently seen, are cowards and aren’t willing to. Only Trump and a few others in the Republican national “leadership,” if it can even be called that, are. So, that means it’s up to everyday Americans to start standing up to the hate-filled, tyrannical left and start fighting back against the PC mob and the toxic cancel culture that goes along with it.

We are in a dangerous battle for America’s fate. This country is the last bastion of freedom left on Earth, as Ronald Reagan once said. Therefore, we must protect free speech with all our might, as we protect all of our other freedoms from the anti-liberty leftist hordes. There is no room for equivocation or submitting to censorship from a hypocritical left that doesn’t even love America!

Furthermore, it’s only because we’ve so far submitted to the PC agenda and not understood the opinions expressed in the political correctness meme at the top of the page that things have gotten as bad as they have.

If conservatives would say what they, the silent majority, are thinking, then we wouldn’t be dealing with any of the civil strife and unrest that we’re currently struggling with.

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It is only because we are content to be the silent and trampled on majority, rather than the loud and proud majority, that the left is able to get away with enforcing this absurd agenda of political correctness upon us.

Had conservatives pointed out from the outset that the lockdowns for the Chinese flu pandemic were the tools of petty tyrants, that the George Floyd riots are a cover for Democrat malfeasance, that abortion is racist, that the Democrats and radical left are slowly eroding our freedom, and that the police aren’t racist, then the Antifa thugs would have backed down.

However, because we tried to be politically correct and let them protest and riot in the streets, America is on fire and unraveling. When conservatives unequivocally call out the leftist thugs that are destroying America, those thugs shrink back into the holes from which they came. They’re cowards and hate being called out as a fringe movement, which they are. On the other hand, if we give them an inch, they steal a mile.

So, it’s important for conservatives to understand the definition of political correctness, as shown by the political correctness meme at the top of the page. It’s cowardice, tyranny, and leftist-induced censorship. Only once conservatives get over being called racist and not politically correct for wanting to provide economic opportunity and law and order for all Americans will America be fixed.

Until then, as long as we submit to the PC mandates of the leftist mob, America will continue to unravel in a spectacularly dreadful fashion.

But that unraveling is by no means certain. It can be prevented, just like a horrible Joe Biden presidency can be prevented. Quite easily prevented, in fact. All conservatives have to do is start standing up for themselves. Do not bow to the leftist dogma that we need to avoid ever saying anything that might possibly be interpreted as “racism” or “sexism” or any other “ism.” Sure, those things are bad. But what leftists forget, what the entire dogma of PC culture forgets, is that most people are good.

Most Americans, conservative or otherwise, are not evil people. We all have our flaws and might live out our personalities in annoying ways, but few people are truly evil. Few normal people are constantly trying to slight, offend, or oppress their fellow countrymen.

So, when we say things, even if someone finds them offensive, those statements probably were not meant to be offensive or hurtful. They were just someone’s thoughts on a particular issue, or a joke. We need to stop taking everything so seriously and need to remember that every single comment was not meant as a direct attack on someone. Live free. Say what you want and don’t hold back your opinions. Don’t be afraid to have enemies. Disregard political correctness. Going along with all of the leftist, PC hogwash is cowardice. All it takes to fight back is a drop of courage.

By: Gen Z Conservative