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What is Antifa? A Terrible Group of Thugs and Lowlifes

My Answer to “What is Antifa?”

Normally, I try to not post about the same thing too many times in the same week. Even when discussing the Chinese flu and the Big Government response to it, I tried to mix things up. But the protests and riots this week, especially over the past few days, are just too much are are something that I need to talk about again, even though I already discussed why Antifa is a terrorist organization and why protesting and rioting are different. Because of its role in this week’s chaos, I think that I need to answer the “what is Antifa?” question that is probably on most everyone’s mind.

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But, before delving completely into answering “What is Antifa,” I think I should answer the similar, but slightly different question of “what does Antifa stand for?” And that’s a fair question; based on Antifa’s recent actions and latest attacks, what the Antifa letters stand for really doesn’t make sense. According to the group, Antifa stands for “anti-fascist.” It comes from a similar group that existed in Weimar Germany and was an armed branch of the German communist party. Like Antifa today, it fought for socialism. Theoretically, the answer to “what is Antifa?” would be “a group of patriots that fights for liberty and against fascism.”

what is antifa? a group that has always supported communism
What is Antifa? The Same Communist Group it was in Germany

But, of course, that’s not even true in the slightest bit. Antifa’s members aren’t patriots, they’re violent thugs. They don’t want liberty, they want either anarchy where they get to call the shots and oppress hard-working Americans, or some form of Big Government democratic socialism. (Their views aren’t really all that fleshed out and are pretty nonsensical). So, when answering “what is Antifa,” it’s hard to even say if it’s an anarchist group or a pro-Big Government socialism group.

That means that to answer the all-important question during our summer of discontent of “what is Antifa,” one can’t even use its ideology as a guide because it really has no ideology other than radicalism and anti-Americanism.

It is just an organized mob that likes to smash windows, burn down businesses, and attack young conservatives with bike locks. It’s actions now and during the 2017 Berkeley riots that it instigated are case in point of that; smashing young conservatives in the head with bike locks because they are young conservatives is fascism and terrorism, not the action of a liberty-loving person. Therefore, the simplest answer to “what is Antifa?” is that it is a wild mob made up of aspiring thugs that don’t really look the part.

Antifa Isn't So Terrifying
Does Stanya, this Antifa member look all that scary to you? No, because they don’t look the part!

However, I don’t really think that that explanation of “what is Antifa?” is fully accurate. While Antifa is a wild mob, that makes it sound disorganized. It’s not disorganized, it’s just decentralized. There is a difference. A disorganized organization would not be able to plan widespread riots that seem, at times, hyper-targeted at areas where Antifa members can create the most chaos and fewest repercussions. So, Antifa is not disorganized. It is, like other domestic terrorism organizations, decentralized.

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Evidence of that comes from how Antifa’s outposts of radical, communist thought work; it has loosely connected but always working together chapters across many of the major American cities. There are Antifa chapters in El Paso, Portland, Boston, Berkeley, and many other locals from the East Coast to the West. Those chapters carry out violent and organized attacks on conservatives, such as when the Portland chapter of Antifa attacked Mr. Andy Ngo, a conservative journalist for Quillette.

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Even scarier, those chapters don’t just organize mobs to attack conservatives and intimidate political opponents. They’re also networks that position supplies, such as bricks, for attacks, shuffle members around to attack conservatives elsewhere, instigate violence that turn protests into riots, and intimidate conservatives.

In my view, that means that the answer to “what is Antifa?” isn’t just that it’s a collection of mobs. Instead, it’s more of a decentralized terrorist network made up of a motley crew of characters from the far-left. Anarchists, socialists, and idiots that just want to hurt people and smash things are all welcome into the organization. That makes it a force to be reckoned with; Trump needs to do everything in his power to destroy it.

The state of the Democratic Party is such that we Republicans don’t really have to worry about mainstream politicians like the senile and creepy Joe Biden, most of whom are incompetent. Instead, we have to worry about the dangerous Democrats; the far-left radicals that don’t know what they want other than that they want to injure or kill Republicans. Those are the Democrats we have to worry about, not because their ideas like “democratic socialism” are all that appealing and likely to shift the political discussion, but rather because they might actually kill us.

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In conclusion, it’s hard to come up with an all-encompassing answer to “what is Antifa?” It’s a mob that frequently carries out violent attacks, a decentralized terrorist network, and a collection of un-American thugs with radicalism as their only form of ideology.

But your main takeaway shouldn’t be only that. It should also be that things in America are getting much worse. Our politics are so toxic that now open violence isn’t off the table and Democrats will be the aggressor. So add that to your reasons to own a firearm; defending yourself from political violence is now a reality in America.

Conservatives must remember that when asking themselves, the internet, or other people “what is Antifa?” It is not just a radical group of violent thugs, although it certainly is that. It is also a disease that is poisoning American society.

Because of it, we have to start worrying about carrying guns to prevent violent crimes again. It’s like we are in the Wild West every time we go downtown because Antifa is rioting, causing chaos, and attacking conservatives. Because the answer to “what is Antifa?” is “a violent group of domestic terrorists and thugs,” Americans have to worry about their safety again. We had beaten crime. It was decreasing rapidly. And then Antifa and BLM attacked our cities and crime is approaching unheard-of levels.

That is unacceptable. Defend your safety. Defend your city, as Kyle Rittenhouse or the McCloskey’s did. Buy an AR-15 to protect yourself and get ready to defend your property once you realize that the answer to “what is Antifa?” is not “a group of peaceful protesters” but rather “a group of violent thugs that want to attack you and take your things.”

But do not just do that; self-defense is not enough. Also demand that your lawmakers focus on the threat Antifa poses. Demand they treat it as the domestic terrorism organization that it is. America cannot survive if one party, the Democratic Party, is allowed to support and sponsor attacks on the other party. We need things to change. You can spark that change by calling every representative you know, state, local, or national, and demanding that they look into the “what is Antifa?” question and then, once they realize what it is, act to crush it. We cannot have these black-clad terrorists and thugs roaming our streets and looting our cities any more.

Antifa is a terrorist organization. That is clear if you closely examine the “what is Antifa?” question. So, Americans need to start treating it like one. The police need to arrest any Antifa members in sight. The military needs to do whatever it is constitutionally allowed to do to hunt down the Antifa animals. Congressmen and state reps need to come out against Antifa as vociferously as possible. And American citizens need to start buying the proper weapons to defend themselves from the Antifa terrorists. Not later, right now. Raise the black flag and fight them without mercy.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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