January 26, 2021

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what happened to michael flynn? He was set up

What Happened to Michael Flynn? He was Framed by the Corrupt FBI


What happened to Michael Flynn during the FBI and DOJ witch hunt of the Trump campaign team? Did he really lie to the FBI? Was he a foreign agent infiltrating Trump’s campaign? Or was he just set up by corrupt, pro-Obama government agents?

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My opinion on the “what happened to Michael Flynn?” question is that he was set up by the corrupt and evil FBI. He didn’t do anything wrong; I don’t think there’s any real evidence that he intentionally lied or has ever been anything but loyal to the United States. That’s why he’s a hero of pro-Trump conservatives and an enemy of hateful leftists.

But I (and many of my Twitter followers) aren’t the only ones who know that fact about what happened to Michael Flynn. Roger Kimball, a writer for The Spectator, recently wrote an article entitled “The Shameful Smearing of Michael Flynn” and it does an excellent job of summing up just how awful the FBI was and is. It acts like it is above the law and works against American interests, which is why it is fair to say that Michael Flynn was the victim of sorry politics.

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Summary of What Happened to Michael Flynn

First, Kimball does a terrific job of reminding the reader of who Michael Flynn is, what happened to him, and how the FBI acted corruptly:

Among other things, the case of Gen. Michael Flynn reminds us of the old adage that things are always worse than you think.

Right from the beginning of the attempted coup some of us took to calling ‘the Russian Collusion Delusion’, it was clear that the hounding of President Trump and various aides and supporters was shaping up to be the greatest scandal in American political history. In September 2018, I wrote here that it had become ‘abundantly clear that [both Flynn and George Papadopoulos] both were set up by the FBI as part of a deliberate attempt to delegitimize Trump’s presidency’.

I didn’t know the half of it. Yes, we knew that Flynn had been bankrupted and pressured to plead guilty to a bogus charge of lying to the FBI. It had been widely rumored that he did so because the FBI had threatened his son, also called Michael Flynn, with another bogus charge.

From: The Shameful Smearing of Michael Flynn

Next, Kimball presents even more of the facts about the FBI’s misconduct and describes how the evil Peter Strozk worked to persecute Michael Flynn:

What we did not know, but what the heroic efforts of Flynn’s new lawyer Sidney Powell has made clear is that the prosecutors (or perhaps I should say ‘persecutors’) had withheld exculpatory evidence from the Judge and that there had never been any reason for the FBI to interview Flynn in the first place.

As Andrew McCarthy pointed out in a column for The Hill, ‘Under federal law, a false statement made to investigators is actionable only if it is material to the matter under investigation. If there was no basis to believe Flynn had committed a crime, his counsel could have argued that any false statements allegedly made by Flynn when he was questioned in January 2017 were immaterial.’

By early January, the FBI had concluded that there was no case against Flynn. It was planning to close the case when at the last minute Peter Strzok, disgraced former head of counter-intelligence at the Bureau, intervened personally to keep the case open. ‘Seventh floor involved,’ he said, i.e., the floor of big boss James Comey.

From: The Shameful Smearing of Michael Flynn

Finally, Kimball concludes with his thoughts about how what happened to Michael Flynn was due to the incomprehensibly corrupt nature of today’s FBI:

Kim Strassel, in a blistering piece for the Wall Street Journal, noted that ‘the FBI exists to investigate crimes, not to create them’. But the FBI in the Obama administration regularly created or committed crimes. They spied on Americans without proper authorization. They unmasked the identities of Americans when the law expressly forbade that. They knowingly relied on Russian disinformation in an effort to frame the President of the United States.

They brought the awesome police power of the state to bear on innocent people, destroying the reputations and livelihoods. The recent revelations about its effort to destroy Michael Flynn underscore the pertinence of a recent tweet from Nikki Haley, the President’s former Ambassador to the United Nations. ‘Letting Gen. Flynn off is not enough. People need to pay for this and the FBI needs to answer to how the public can have confidence that it will never happen again. Shameful.’ Amen to that.

From: The Shameful Smearing of Michael Flynn

My Take on What Happened to Michael Flynn

It’s incredibly sad to me that so few Americans know about what happened to Michael Flynn or even who he is. Other than a few well-informed conservatives and a few guilty FBI agents, if people recognize his name at all, they think he might have had sketchy connections to Turkey or that he lied to the FBI.

Neither of those claims are true. What happened to Michael Flynn was that the Obama-era FBI and DOJ were corrupt and smeared his name. They made up ridiculous accusations, poisoned his name, and have bankrupted him through legal fees.

Trump needs to act quickly and realize what happened to Michael Flynn so that he is able to correct that. What happened to Michael Flynn in 2016 was bad enough. No innocent person should be tarred and feathered in that ridiculous manner. What’s worse, however, has been what happened afterward. Left out on a limb, Michael Flynn has fought to remain free while being bankrupted and relentlessly pursued by leftists and corrupt FBI agents and CIA operatives like John Brennan, who should be indicted. Only Trump can fix that. He needs to do so immediately.

what happened to michael flynn? He was set up

July 2020 addendum: The court system, in recognition of the fact that what happened to Michael Flynn was unjust, evil, and probably unconstitutional, has let Michael Flynn off! Similarly, President Trump has pardoned Roger Stone, another Republican that was set up by the corrupt Obama Administration! Both of those facts are victories for not just Republicans, but for all Americans that believe in justice.

Because both of those men have not been locked up, there is still some semblance of justice in America. Had either of them been incarcerated, that would have shown that there is no longer justice in America, but instead just the actions of a corrupt bureaucratic apparatus that will strike out against anyone that opposes it. There is still a long way to go, but those twin victories were examples of how we are starting to fight and win the battle against the Swamp and Deep State in Washington. What happened to Michael Flynn was wrong and evil. But at least it was corrected.


What happened to Michael Flynn was terrible and un-American. Ignorant socialists and leftists in America always complain about McCarthy and his accusations even though, as Diana West describes in American Betrayal, they were true! Meanwhile, no one stands up for Michael Flynn.

What has happened to Michael Flynn is far worse than anything the House un-American Activities Commission dragged suspected communists through. And Flynn is innocent! He was just the victim of an FBI political influence operation that happened on American soil. That should frighten Americans. We are not supposed to have to worry that we will be framed by our own government like the poor souls in The Gulag Archipelago.

But, what happened to Michael Flynn has shown us that we do, actually, have to worry that the government and its institutions are out to get us, especially when the problematic media gets involved. Well, not all Americans, of course. The Democrats are fine; the FBI and other government agencies refuse to even crackdown on the Antifa thugs. But, Republicans do have to worry. The IRS went after the Tea Party and silenced it because it criticized the Obama Administration. The ATF constantly goes after law-abiding gun owners. And, in this case, the corrupt FBI went after Michael Flynn.

So, what happened to Michael Flynn? He was set up by the corrupt FBI because the corrupt Deep State wanted it to. The actions of the FBI, DOJ, and entire bureaucratic machine will make conspiracy theorists out of all of us; their actions are incomprehensibly evil.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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