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What Else Was Expected of Slow Joe?

Despite my publishing one critical article on Matt Walsh recently, he’s generally quite good at standing up for conservative values and attacking the left. His takes on the left’s unreasonable fear of imaginary oppression and its self-loathing nature are particularly good. However, this tweet about Joe Biden is, in my opinion, his all-time best. Nothing even comes close.

Why? Because it’s so accurate and it calls out those “moderates” and leftists that delivered our country into the hands of a demented vegetable that loves ice cream more than his country. And when he gets called out for that, the media doesn’t ask if that’s a good idea, but rather what flavor of frozen sugar he slurps down while watching the world burn. The flames of Rome burning are hot, after all. Our Nero has to have a refreshing snack while he does the hard work of trying to remember what a fiddle is.

But in all seriousness, what did these fools expect? They put a senile, career politician in the White House. Surely they knew that such a waste of carbon wouldn’t be a roaring success…

Of course, we on the non-RINO right all knew it would be a disaster from the start. Joe isn’t just incompetent (although that’s surely one of the best descriptors for Joe and his ilk), he’s also corrupt and arrogant. Like the progressives that wrecked our country starting in the early 20th Century, Joe thinks he has all the answers and wants to profit handsomely by providing those “answers.”

Hence the idiotically weak China policies, the encouragement of mass migration at the Southern border, the weak on crime policies, the Afghanistan debacle, and all the other unforced errors of his young but already detestable administration.

To the extent that our arrogant vegetable in chief realizes anything, he realizes what his policies are doing to America.

He sees the flaming cities, the crackdown on conservatives, and the deterioration of America’s position and image abroad and is happy because he thinks that’s the right course and knows Hunter is collecting bags of cash.

While America burns on the nightly news, both literally and figuratively, Slow Joe is happy because he knows he’s profiting in the shadows and is finally able to “radically transform” America in a way that even Obama couldn’t.

That’s what you get from an arrogant Alzheimer’s patient: horrible decisions badly implemented that lead to the Great Reset.

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The border policies he inherited from Trump didn’t need to be changed. But changed they were and he did a bad job with it. We’re all suffering as a result. Joe, in his few moments of sentience, cheers at the cultural transformation of America that is resulting from that migration.

The Afghanistan pullout didn’t need to happen in the dead of night with no rhyme or reason for the day chosen. But it did, and disaster followed. Our citizens and allies stuck in that hellhole are suffering as a result. I don’t think Joe’s sentient enough right now to cheer, but when the masses of “refugees” are settled here, cheer he will.

Our aggressive policy toward China didn’t need to be changed. But it was, and now we’re being humiliated on the world stage. Our standing and position will suffer, but Hunter and “the Big Guy” will get their monetary reward.

And as Matt Walsh points out so well, there was no other possibility. Joe’s character, or, more accurately, lack thereof, has been obvious from the day he announced his campaign, if not from the time he was first elected in 1973. We knew he was arrogant. We knew he was corrupt. We knew he was senile. We knew what would follow his “election.”

But the “moderates” wouldn’t listen. They were upset about the mean tweets so they voted for the senile idiot with a fake smile and watched with approval, if not glee, as the “Big Guy” with the melted brain shuffled into 1600 Penn.

So now we’re all forced to reap what those fools have sown.

Every American has to hang his head in disgrace as the Taliban humiliates us, China threatens us, and hordes of migrants rush across the border. And while none of that needed to happen, from the moment votes for Joe suspiciously spiked it was destined to happen. As Walsh says, there “was literally no other chance of any other outcome.” We knew what would happen and it has come to pass.

By: Gen Z Conservative