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What “Inclusivity” Means: Not Inclusion, but Exclusion of American Values

For Democrats, “inclusivity” is a bit like “tolerance.” They pretend to be for it, but really only like it when it suits their agenda.

Take the many disparate sides of the American culture wars. Democrats shout “inclusivity” from the rooftops, claiming to be the champions of all the groups that need to be included in American politics.

Yet they only fight for the right to include those that offend the sensibilities of traditional, law-abiding Americans. They’ll fight to include all members of the LBGTQ lobby, illegal immigrants, convicted felons, former druggies, and all manner of others that would have been viewed with disdain a few short decades ago.

But the dispossessed West Virginia coal miners, left to starve because of hubristic climate change mitigation efforts? No, they’re not protected by the “inclusivity” crowd. They should learn to code and should be excluded until they do so.

What about the cops that put their lives on the line to protect an ungrateful populace day after day? Are they protected and championed by the inclusivity crowd? Nope. One or two cops have done bad things (to felons), so all cops should lose their jobs and be excluded from the political sphere until they get with the CRT program. Not much inclusivity there.

How about Americans that have, you know, American values? I’m talking about those people that still work hard, support pro-American policies, support small businesses over corporate behemoths, and think the Founding Fathers were great men, not genocidal tyrants. People that still go to church and sit in the pews every Sunday, and thus have traditional views on marriage, sex, and gender. Does the inclusivity crowd want to include them? No. No, it does not. Such values and beliefs, values and beliefs that almost every one of our ancestors held, are now “backward” if not “evil,” so they too should be excluded from the political sphere.

You see, inclusivity doesn’t really mean inclusivity. It means “here’s our Trojan horse to bring all manner of degenerates and others that will go along with our radical plans to transform America into the mainstream, and thus make our job easier. Either accept it and accept them, whatever sick perversions they or rap sheets full of evil deeds they have, or you’re a bigot.”

That’s the truth about inclusivity. It’s not about making all feel welcome. Far from it. It’s about bringing the shocking and morally wrong into the mainstream as a way of destroying traditional American virtues, values, and cultural mores.

That’s why the “inclusivity” crowd obviously feels no shame about openly using cancel culture to destroy its opponents.

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Traditional free speech advocates, the type of good-hearted if misguided people the inclusivity crowd poses as, would have at least been uncomfortable with silencing their opponents. They might have had left-leaning political beliefs, but they actually believed what they said about everyone having a voice.

Not the New Left. These radicals are after power and effecting a major shift in American culture and they mean to get what they want by any means necessary. Hypocrisy? That doesn’t matter so long as the hypocrites push the agenda along. Excluding people in the name of inclusivity? Makes sense to them. Supporting evil people in the name of the greater good? Go ahead, so long as the evildoers are on the left.

View them with your eyes wide open. That’s what they want and how they plan to get there. They can only be defeated by actually being defeated, not by our whining about them being “hypocrites.”

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.