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What Does Antifa Care About?

My Take on “What Does Antifa Care About?”

There are a few questions about Antifa that I think need to be answered. The first, and perhaps most important, is one that I’ve previously discussed. It is, of course, “what is Antifa?” It’s a group of fascist, terrorist thugs. The other question, and one that is equally important, if not more so, is “what does Antifa care about?”

In my opinion, the answer to “what does Antifa care about?” is “nothing.”

That’s because the Antifa idiots are a group of nihilistic thugs. They don’t care about justice. They’re not fighting fascism. George Floyd is probably nothing but an afterthought to them; it’s not like a bunch of white, liberal college kids are really all that worried about police violence in the Midwest. So, in reality, Antifa is after nothing. What does Antifa care about? Nothing. What does it want? To watch the world burn.

The next question, after asking yourself or others “what does Antifa care about?” is to ask, “if Antifa is a group of nihilistic thugs, why on Earth is it so prominent?”

The answer to that question is that Antifa is only prominent because the media has been fanning the flames of Antifa’s rioting and watching America unravel. The media, like Antifa, doesn’t care about much at all. The media, like the Antifa thugs, certainly could not care less about America or making it a better place. They also just want to watch the world burn so that their advertising revenue goes up as more people tune in to watch the latest Antifa violence.

So, keep that in mind when you watch further coverage of the Antifa and BLM riots across America. Whatever the media pretends, the answer to “what does Antifa care about?” is certainly not “George Floyd’s untimely death” or “making America a better place” or even “fighting fascism.” The correct answer is “Nothing. Nothing at all.”

what does antifa care about? riots like this

The big problem for America, therefore, isn’t the ideas of Antifa. They have no ideas, other than that erasing history by tearing down statues is a good thing.

So, what’s the end of all this? Is this simply about making fun of the Antifa thugs for being a cowardly and unintelligent group of rioters and traitors? No. It’s to give Americans hope that Trump can, in fact, win in 2020.

Trump will win in 2020 because, unlike the idiotic Antifa thugs, conservative Americans have ideas. We’re the ones who understand and think about economics. Liberals, especially the socialists among them, don’t. Conservatives are the ones who think about how to create a just and lasting political system. Liberals don’t. They couldn’t care less about anything other than power, pure and simple.

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There are more examples, of course. On pretty much every single issue that occupies the American mind, conservatives are the thinkers and doers while liberals, represented by their Antifa brethren, don’t do anything or think about anything.

All that is to say that Trump will win as long as Americans care about ideas rather than just watching glass shatter and Walmarts burn. Conservatives are the ones who will ensure that America remains prosperous and Trump is the man who will make sure that happens. We know that’s true because we have ideas and care about America while, at the same time, everyone knows the answer to “what does Antifa care about?” is nothing at all.

You see, despite the Democrats heaping loads and loads of support upon the violence, radical, and fascistic Antifa organization, it is impossible to have a good answer to “what does Antifa care about?” other than “well, nothing really, I guess…” That is because the core of its ideology is nihilism. It does not want anything to get better. It just wants chaos and destruction.

The Civil Rights movement cared about equal rights for all. The Occupy Wall Street, despite being terrible, at least cared about something (wage inequality and Wall Street’s role in the financial crisis). The Tea Party cared about liberty. Other protest movements, from the peaceful and good to the violent and evil, have, at least, had profound and deeply-held core beliefs. This one, the Antifa riot movement, does not. Hence why it is fair to answer “what does Antifa care about?” with “nothing.”

But why is that important? Why should Americans care that nihilism is at the root of Antifa’s actions? Because that fact is instructive. It shows us that they cannot be reasoned with or appeased. There is no middle ground that can be struck with the nihilistic Antifa domestic terrorists. They do not want anything because they do not care about anything. No new welfare policies, social justice initiatives, or rollbacks in policing will stop them or appease them. All they want to do is destroy because the Antifa thugs care about nothing.

Remember that. Do not agree with anyone who says otherwise. They are lying or misinformed. No one who has looked at Antifa’s actions could, in honest, well-reasoned good faith say otherwise.

Please share this article so that other conservatives and patriots (but I repeat myself) see that Antifa is a group of nihilistic thugs.

By: Gen Z Conservative