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What Companies Have Supported or Donated to Black Lives Matter and Similar “Social Justice” Groups during the 2020 Riots?

A Holistic Answer to “What Companies have Donated to Black Lives Matter?”

A few days ago, I wrote an article on why I think that conservatives need to boycott the leftist companies that are supporting (if not openly bowing to) the Marxist Black Lives Matter terrorists that are destroying America. But, in the article, although I named a few of the most egregiously leftist companies, I did not adequately answer the “what companies have donated to Black Lives Matter?” question. 

So, to help those of you that do want to help fight the culture war by boycotting radical leftist corporations do so, I decided that today would be a good day to write about “what companies have donated to Black Lives Matter?” so that you know what companies to boycott.

This list is as holistic as I can make it. I did my best to scour the web and find out what companies have donated to Black Lives Matter. However, there are 5.6 million firms and companies in America and I have neither the time nor resources to go through the news on each and every one and find out if they are pro- or anti-American. That would be a Sisyphean endeavor. 

But, I do think that this list is a pretty good answer to “what companies have donated to Black Lives Matter?” because it will give you the names of some of the largest firms that have donated to anti-American causes and help you start to boycott those companies. 

If you have any you want to be added to the list, comment them down below so this article can more fully answer “what companies have donated to Black Lives Matter?”! This list is alphabetical, so just scroll through it to find out what companies have donated to Black Lives Matter or otherwise support BLM and other radical leftist causes. Alternatively, search through it before buying anything so that you avoid indirectly filling BLM’s coffers. We must all do what we can to find out what companies have donated to Black Lives Matter and then avoid those companies so that our money does not fund riots and terrorism.

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My List of Companies that Conservatives should Boycott and Avoid:

Note: Many of these companies on my list and answer to “what companies have donated to Black Lives Matter?” were found in this Daily Signal article, this Forbes article, this Elle article, this Federalist article, and this CNET article.

  1. 23 and Me- donated to BLM and pressured its employees to do so
  2. AARP- donated to BLM
  3. Access Fund- donated to BLM   
  4. Airbnb- donated to BLM   
  5. American Alpine Club- donated to BLM
  6. American Hiking Society- donated to BLM
  7. Anastasia Beverly Hills- donated to BLM   
  8. Apple- donated to radical groups   
  9. Apple- it has made donations to radical groups and has sweatshops   
  10. Arcteryx- donated to BLM
  11. Aritzia- donated to BLM   
  12. Atlantic Records- donated to BLM   
  13. Backcountry- donated to BLM
  14. Banana Republic- donated $250,000 to “EmbraceRace,” the mere name of which seems antithetical to a color-blind society   
  15. Bank of America- donated to BLM   
  16. Ben and Jerry’s- supports defunding the police   
  17. Billie- donated to BLM   
  18. Biosannce- donated to BLM   
  19. Bliss- donated to leftist causes   
  20. Boy Smells- donated to BLM   
  21. Brown Girls Climb- donated to BLM
  22. BUFF- donated to BLM
  23. Bungie- donated an unspecified amount to BLM   
  24. Camber Outdoors- donated to BLM
  25. Cisco- donated to BLM   
  26. Clif Bar- donated to BLM
  27. Climbing Wall Association- donated to BLM
  28. Coca-Cola- same   
  29. Collina Strada- donates to bail funds   
  30. ColourPop- donated to Minnesota Freedom Fund   
  31. Columbia- donated to BLM
  32. Cotopaxi- Climbing Wall Association- donated to BLM
  33. Cratejoy- supports BLM   
  34. DECIEM- $100,000 to BLM   
  35. Deciem- donated to BLM   
  36. Deckers Brands- donated $550,000 to BLM   
  37. Devolver Digital Inc.- donated $65,000 to BLM   
  38. Discord- donated to BLM   
  39. Disney- Donated $3 Million to unidentified “social justice” groups after the George Floyd shooting
  40. DoorDash Inc.- gave $500,000 to BLM   
  41. Dropbox- donated to BLM   
  42. EA (a video games company)- it has pledged $1 million to groups including the Equal Justice Initiative and the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund.   
  43. Eddie Bauer- Climbing Wall Association- donated to BLM
  44. Etsy- donated to racial organizations   
  45. Everlane- supports BLM   
  46. Facebook- it has pledged $10 million to organizations campaigning for “racial justice,” whatever that means.   
  47. Fashion Nova- supports BLM   
  48. Fitbit- donated to BLM   
  49. Ford Foundation- donated to BLM
  50. For Love and Lemons- donated to BLM   
  51. Ganni- donated to BLM   
  52. Gap brands- supports BLM   
  53. Gatorade- donated $500,000 to BLM   
  54. Glossier- it committed $500,000 to Black Lives Matter   
  55. Goodyear Tire- lets employees support BLM but not police   
  56. Google- donated to radical groups   
  57. Granite Gear- Climbing Wall Association- donated to BLM
  58. H&M- donated to BLM  
  59. Hoka One One- donated to BLM
  60. Honest Beauty- same   
  61. Honda- donated to BLM
  62. Hourglass Cosmetics- donated to BLM   
  63. Ibex- donated to BLM
  64. Ilia- donated to BLM   
  65. Intel- it is donating $1 million to Black Lives Matter    
  66. Jam Collective- donated to BLM
  67. Kaya- donated to BLM
  68. Kohl’s- Subaru- donated to BLM 
  69. Kosas- donated to BLM  
  70. Levi’s- donating $100,000 to the mass incarceration campaign group Live Free USA   
  71. Lipslut- known for its F*ck Trump and F*ck Kavanaugh lip glosses and mattes and supports BLM   
  72. Lululemon- donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which bails out rioters and other violent, dangerous criminals   
  73. Machines for Freedom- donated to BLM
  74. Mammut- donated to BLM
  75. McDonalds- donated to racial organizations   
  76. Merrill- donated to BLM
  77. Microsoft- donated $250,000 to BLM   
  78. Moosejaw- donated to BLM
  79. Mountain Equipment Co-op- donated to BLM
  80. Mountain Hardware- donated to BLM
  81. Nabisco (maker of crackers like Ritz)- donated to BLM   
  82. Nike- donated to BLM   
  83. Organinc Climbing- donated to BLM
  84. Orvis- donated to BLM
  85. Osprey- donated to BLM
  86. Outdoor Afro- donated to BLM
  87. Outdoor Industry Association- donated to BLM
  88. Oudoor Research- donated to BLM
  89. Outdoor PR- donated to BLM
  90. Pactimo- donated to BLM
  91. Parks Project- donated to BLM
  92. Patagonia- donated to BLM
  93. Peak Design- donated to BLM
  94. Peleton- donated to BLM   
  95. Pepsi co.- donated to BLM   
  96. Pokemon Co.- donated to BLM   
  97. Prabal Gurung- supports BLM   
  98. PrAna- donated to BLM
  99. Press Forward PR- donated to BLM
  100. Pretty Little Thing- donated to BLM   
  101. Pusheen the Cat- donated to BLM   
  102. Rapha- donated to BLM
  103. REI- donated to BLM
  104. San Francisco 49ers- donated to BLM
  105. Savage X Fenty- supports BLM   
  106. Sephora- donated to BLM   
  107. She Explores- donated to BLM
  108. SheaMoisture- pledged $100,000 to activists fighting for “social change”   
  109. Skillshare- donated to BLM   
  110. Smartwool- donated to BLM
  111. Snowsport Industries America- donated to BLM
  112. Spanx- donated to BLM   
  113. Square Enix- it has donated $250,000 and is matching employee donations to Black Lives Matter 
  114. Starbucks- lets employees support leftists but not conservatives; employees can wear BLM gear and pins, but not pro-police apparel.  
  115. Subaru- donated to BLM  
  116. Target- supports BLM  
  117. Tension climbing- donated to BLM
  118. Thatgamecompany- donated to BLM   
  119. The North Face- donated to BLM
  120. Thousand- donated to BLM
  121. Timberland- donated to BLM
  122. Tinder- donated to BLM   
  123. Title Nine- donated to BLM
  124. Toms Shoes- supports BLM   
  125. Toms- supports BLM   
  126. Tracksmith- donated to BLM
  127. Ubisoft- it has contributed $100,000 to BLM   
  128. Ugg- donated to BLM   
  129. Unilever- donated $350,000 to BLM   
  130. UnitedHealth Group- donated to radicals   
  131. Vasque- donated to BLM
  132. Velocio Apparel- donated to BLM
  133. Walmart- donated to BLM and radical groups   
  134. Warby Parker- supports BLM   
  135. Warner Records- donated to BLM   
  136. Wendys- donated to BLM
  137. Whoop- donated to radicals   

That’s the list of what companies have donated to Black Lives Matter. I was disappointed by some of them and not surprised by others. If you see any I missed, comment them down below so I can add them to the list!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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