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Meme: What Communism Looks Like

Nothing is so stark as the contrast between socialist expectations and reality. That is, what they expect communism to look like (and what it looks like in a free, non-communist society) is far different than what communism looks like in a communist nation.

Take the image at the top of the page, for example.

On the left, you can see what communism looks like in a free nation.

An affluent youth uses her (or is it his? with such bugmen it can be hard to tell) laptop and iPhone while peacefully sitting in a comfortable chair, free to express its ideas without fear of reprisal. The building is safe, clean, and almost certainly air-conditioned, the clothes look clean and comfortable, and the furniture is new and in working order. In other words, the communist is free to make use of and enjoy all the blessings of a free market.

On the right is what communism looks like when a commie regime is in charge. Desperate refugees, braving sharks, the open ocean, and the elements in a barely floating raft, clad in decaying clothes, are attempting to flee to freedom. If the raft takes on water, there is no one to save them.

If their government catches them, they face disappearance, torture, and a painful death for having the temerity to desire freedom. But such risks, the risks of travelling across 90 miles of ocean in a homemade float, are worth it to the people on the right because conditions are so horrible in their socialist state.

Such is always the case. Stalin’s gulags, Mao’s collective farms, and Pol Pot’s death camps were never scenes of a “worker’s paradise.” Instead, they were scenes of misery, indignity, and suffering.

Millions died, millions more were tortured so terribly they longed for a quick death, and many millions more were pushed to the brink during terrible famines.

Those scenes, scenes of death and despair, are what communism looks like in communist nations.

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By: Gen Z Conservative