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What America Needs in This Time of Crisis

By: David Gignac

I am not sure we need Donald Trump as president again (I personally loved every minute of his presidency mean tweets and all, even the stupid ones) or that he even wants to be in that meat grinder again, although he is the only man to not look twenty years older after 4 years in office.

To his credit, he has already broken all of the china vases and exposed the rot and corruption.

Now we need a President, at least domestically, that can do politics and not alienate half of America; he must be able to reach the half of America that still gets its information from traditional news sources and don’t understand that the America we all venerate is little more than a Build Back Better bill away from being a dream barely remembered.

Furthermore, we need to finish the task of reordering the US political and financial systems to achieve a ‘for the people, by the people’s republic. The foreign policy stuff, nuclear Iran, Muslimization of Europe, Korea, even Hong Kong, and Japan will mean nothing if we lose our country to authoritarians, our freedoms to anarchy, and the “Rule of Law” to mob rule.

I don’t have a suggestion as to whom that candidate should be but, even before we get to that point, we need to make sure we have an election system that is transparent and audited. I have been looking at blockchain technology and far beyond Bitcoin, which I am not invested in, it is a secure technology for data entry, storage, and transfer that could be implemented to secure election data. I don’t advocate the elimination of paper ballots just yet, but as the ballots are cast a digital record could also be captured to remain as a permanent record.

Most importantly we need to elect ourselves, ‘American Citizen’ a unique world title of honor. Appoint ourselves Ambassadors’ who go to others promoting the uniquely American values of fair play and individual liberty. And finally purveyors and consumers of news and opinions with a jaundiced eye that is attuned to lies and propaganda, which are a necessary evil created along with a free press. We need to not rely on ‘fact checkers’ who try to be opinion formers, telling a lazy public what they want them to think.

We need to be the fact-checkers, make the internet accountable by removing the section 230 laws that allow news services to be opinion writers and not liable to the same scrutiny and legal remedies as other opinion publishers.

Americans can pick a lane from Liberal Social Democrat to Staunchly Conservative Republican or anything in between, with my blessing but try to find out if the information you are getting is honest and not weighted to one political camp or the other.

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The one thing I would try to convince you of would be to pick candidates who are shaded toward personal liberty as opposed to government/corporate oversight and influence/coercion.