No Wonder We’re Losing

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When you look at what our enemies are doing and compare it with what we’re doing, it’s no wonder that the West is losing.

What We’re Up To

First, let’s take a look at what policies the West is focusing upon.

First off, there’s the war on masculinity. Boys are told that fighting is one of the greatest of sins and must be avoided at all costs. Where their ancestors were taught to be honorable but assertive, they’re taught to be unassertive and scheming. The knights have been replaced with the eunuchs. Strength training is attacked as a symbol of…something bad, mainly because BAP popularized it on the far right. Industry, aggressiveness, and empire-building have been replaced with going along to get along, “tolerance,” and accepting all viewpoints of valid, not to mention the idiocy of ESG business practices.

Then, there are the related attacks on martial culture. The legions, the Grande Armee, the gray-clad Prussians, and the famed Americans with the spirit of Patton have been replaced with sniveling, incompetent cowards like Lloyd Austin and “General” Milley. Training in combined arms has been replaced with critical race theory training, Mahan has been replaced with How to Be an Anti-Racist, and warfighting has been replaced with the much more PC and much less effective “nation-building.” Good luck ordering the modern Air Force to firebomb Tokyo or nuke an enemy (unless they’re nuking “white supremacists”). Best you’ll get out of those rubes is a sternly worded letter. The Red Chinese poised to capture Taiwan must be shaking with fear.

Oh, and instead of trying to build strong societies premised on similar viewpoints, we’ve decided to pursue the PC policy of admitting hundreds of thousands of “refugees,” most of whom happen to be military-age males that fled their countries rather than fight for their homelands. I’m sure those cowards will be the best among us at some point…at the present, they seem busy with raping European women and sucking the welfare teat dry.

While all that is going on, the average citizen isn’t necessarily taking care of himself either. Video games, porn, and processed food have replaced reading, dating, and staying in shape. The predictable result? Obesity and men without chests or knowledge.

And, as if all that weren’t enough, we’re busy bankrupting ourselves and putting small businesses in the red by pursuing ridiculously expensive and ineffective Covid policies.

What Our Enemies are Up To

Meanwhile, our enemies are following the proper path and doing the exact opposite of all of that.

The Chinese are passing laws to keep feminine men out of popular culture, stop kids from playing too many video games, and stopping their subjects from getting fat.

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On the military front, the Chinese and Russians are doing everything possible to make their militaries yet more masculine, ready them from war, and prepare their troops to win rather than protect ANA boy-rapists and Afghan opium fields. Oh, and they make no bones about saber-rattling; the Chinese are openly preparing to invade Taiwan and the Russians are hardly sorry about invading eastern Ukraine.

That Dichotomy is Why We’re Losing

Both the Chinese and Russians have internal problems, that’s obvious. China’s population is rapidly aging and its economy is built on a mountain of debt. Russia is famously full of alcoholics and is nowhere near the fertility replacement rate.

But, importantly, the West has those problems too and is making far more additional mistakes. Neither we nor the Europeans are reproducing fast enough to meet the replacement rate. Our sluggish economic recovery from the Covid response has only been pushed along by a Mt. Everest-sized pile of negative-yielding debt. Drugs have made our citizens insouciant and lazy as vodka has severely damaged Russia.

Yet worse, while we’re making the same mistakes as them, we’re making additional ones too. Allowing in hundreds of thousands of “refugees,” diminishing masculinity, weakening the military, letting citizens grow slothful, and letting our industries collapse, are all horrible mistakes that we’ll pay for in the end. What is sown will be reaped.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Gab and Facebook


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