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Watch: WEF Declares “Age of Human Robots is Over,” Makes Dark Predictions about Humanity’s Future

Isn’t that video shocking?

For those that didn’t watch it (and you’re not alone, disgust alone surely compelled many others to turn it off), here are some of the key quotes from the video:

  • “the age of human robots is over and we have to figure out a new age. That means dramatic changes to the structure of our economy and society”
  • editing genomes will be used to “write a new code for life” and “redesign organisms for beneficial purposes”.
  • we’ll wear “diminished reality glasses” that will remove undesirable things, such as “garbage or other people,” from view

The “experts” in the video also claimed that all of these tech “wonders” will free humanity from manual labor.

Dr. James Lindsay, responding to the sickening video’s attack on manual labor, had this to say:

“The genteel quasi-Marxist elitist dorks with soft hands, who want to reshape our world according to their vision, which is already failing, don’t understand that doing honest work and feeling proud of it is a huge part of ‘understanding what it means to be human’”

He’s right. We’ve created a soft society of weak men, men that don’t understand what it means to be human or that real work is something to be cherished, not feared.

America, and, frankly, the world as a whole, is in for a world of hurt if these sickos are able to implement their twisted, hyper-futuristic vision of the world. As always, reject modernity and embrace tradition.

By: Gen Z Conservative.


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