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The Week in Review #5- Big Government Edition

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the week in review. I hope you enjoyed reading the past week of articles about the views of a Gen Z Conservative. Last week’s main focus was on Big Government, but there is something in there for everything. Everything from the positives and negatives of drug legalization to government failures and climate skepticism were covered.

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However, most conservatives are busy working during the week, so you might have missed some of the new Gen Z Conservative articles from last week. If you did and want to catch up on the views of a young conservative, or just want reminders about some of the best ones, this article is for you. The top articles from last week were “Is the Interventionist Era Over?,” “Endlessly Expanding Rights,” and “Government Problems and Solutions.” Enjoy reading!

The End of American Interventionism:

For those of you that don’t know, last week President Donald Trump decided to withdraw US ground troops from Syria. That decision was as momentous as it was sudden. It was yet another example of President Trump adding to his list of accomplishments and promises kept since the election. More importantly, however, it was potentially an indication that the interventionist era is over.

Because of the vast importance of President Trump’s decision, I wrote “Is the Interventionist Era Over?,” which is a summary of a great article from RealClearPolitics. America has been involved in the so-called “Great War for Civilization” for decades now in an attempt to build democracy in the Middle East.

Those interventions have failed. The democracies we tried building have crumbled, we’ve expended vast amounts of treasure, and thousands of American lives have been lost. Now, that mistake might be over. Read “Is the Interventionist Era Over?” to find out why!

Endlessly Expanding Rights and Socialist Slavery

Socialism and its assault on profit and freedom will eventually lead to slavery, as Francisco D’Anconia points out in his “money speech” in Atlas Shrugged. Unfortunately, few modern socialist recognize that. They don’t understand socialism or capitalism, so they think state control and socialism will solve all their problems. And few people have called out the error in their ways and the ultimate slavery that their list of endlessly expanding rights will bring.

Luckily for conservatives, PJ O’Rourke, in a great quotation, calls out those endlessly expanding fake rights and the slavery they will bring. In his view (and mine), free college, healthcare, housing, etc. won’t bring freedom. They will bring slavery because they are “barn and hay” for enslaved people. I couldn’t agree more. Read “Endlessly Expanding Rights” to see if you agree!

Government Problems and Solutions Show the Failure of Big Government

It’s a well-known fact among conservatives that the government is very bad at solving non-military problems. Private industry beats the government almost any time there is a competition between the two. Yet proponents of Big Government, such as those described in The Best and The Brightest have an almost single-minded desire to bring Big Government in to solve every problem.

The problem with that, as I point out in “Government Problems and Solutions,” is that the government is completely inept at actually solving problems. It can step in and make the problem worse, as I wrote about my review of Narconomics, but it rarely every solves a problem. It just adds additional problems, leaves the original one worse and unsolved, and grows in size and power. That’s one of the many reasons why Americans should go back to solving their own problems rather than relying on Big Government to do it for them. Read “Government Problems and Solutions” to see if you agree!

Enjoy catching up on those articles!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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