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Weapons to Fight Tyranny

My Thoughts about Americans Owning the Proper Weapons to Fight Tyranny:

Historical Context:

When the 2nd Amendment was written, American citizens and their government were in a relative equilibrium in terms of weapons. In fact, the military technology fielded by both sides was identical. Yes, the government had more resources with which it could fight. However, the government had access to the same weaponry that its citizens had. Because of that equilibrium, there was a healthy tension in society.

That tension was between liberty and the power of the government. Both groups were well-armed, so both respected each other’s force and neither side acted too aggressively towards the other. The government was too powerful for the citizens to easily rebel, but the citizenry was also armed well enough to stand up to government overreach. The system was balanced. Because the citizens were well-armed, there was no opening for tyranny. Instead, liberty was championed throughout America.

As I discussed in my post on my thoughts on gun control, that all changed in the early 20th century. It changed once the government effectively banned machine guns and other weapons that were “too dangerous” for civilians with the passing of the National Firearms Act.

Before then, citizens and the government could own the same weapons. Afterward, citizens were at a distinct disadvantage. Once it was passed, they were not only outspent on weapons but also outgunned.  Gun rights only declined after that point as both Republican and Democrat presidents signed new gun control legislation.

Now, citizens are more outgunned than ever. That has had disastrous effects on our society. America needs weapons to fight tyranny placed in the hands of civilians so that we have a better balance between citizens and police.

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The Consequence for Liberty:

Now that citizens are outgunned, tyranny has taken root in America. Yes, we are still freer than many other states. However, liberty is not relative. It is absolute. You either are free or unfree. And modern America is distinctly unfree in many respects.

In what ways are we unfree? The IRS enforces a crushing income tax, which was unconstitutional until very recently. Our right to bear arms has been curtailed severely in many states. Police serve no-knock warrants and murder the innocent residents inside.

Those abuses of power would not have happened had we remained well-armed. That is why the 2nd Amendment is worded so unambiguously. James Madison understood that tyranny and corruption would creep in once citizens were disarmed. If tyranny is described as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the people, then the current state of gun legislation shows the state of tyranny in America. In certain areas, it is thriving. Gun control is one of those areas.

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We have to push back against that tyranny. How can we push back? By educating children on their civic duty. For example, I am a firm believer that all high schools should teach government classes. Additionally, they should teach gun safety courses. Those two courses would help students understand the tension between liberty and safety, the reasons for the 2nd Amendment, and what their responsibilities as citizens are. I think that knowledge would help fix many of our societal issues, including the problem of citizens having no suitable weapons to fight tyranny.

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Conclusion: Americans Need Weapons to Fight Tyranny

I do not believe that violence is the answer. Violent reactions to political differences, as we’ve seen with the latest Antifa attacks, are not compatible with a free and democratic society. But, we need to have that final recourse to violence if the government becomes oppressive; we need to have the right weapons to fight tyranny. That is the point of the 2nd Amendment. It is crucial because as long as it exists it is a deterrent. Tyranny cannot exist as long as citizens have weapons to fight it. We have to make sure that right is understood and respected.

I frequently write about gun control and the 2nd Amendment. Because it is an issue that I care about and understand, I feel compelled to write about it. Hopefully, my repeated articles on the subject haven’t grown repetitive. Just remember, the 2nd Amendment is the amendment that guarantees the rest. Without it, we would probably be more like Europe; less free and more socialist. That can’t happen. We’re the last stand of freedom left on Earth. Our right to have weapons to fight tyranny is what ensures that remains the case

America is a great nation. It has historically been free, democratic, and an economic powerhouse. But, as Ronald Reagan noted, “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” As that quote shows, we have to fight to preserve our liberty. It will not survive on its own, but rather only through our tireless efforts to defend it. Our final recourse to defend it is the 2nd Amendment, but only if we have weapons to fight tyranny.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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