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While America Praises Weakness, The Chinese and Russians are Cultivating Masculinity

Here’s a Recent Ad from the US Army:

For those that can’t bear to watch, it’s about a female “soldier” being raised by a lesbian couple.

The Columbia Bugle summed up how I feel about it perfectly:

Oh, and in the meantime, the Marines got in a spat with Tucker Carlson about whether it’s a wise use of resources to design flight suits for pregnant women (the answer seems obvious), Americans are too fat to fight, especially 71% of my generation, the Navy added How to Be an Antiracist to its reading list, and the CIA ran a bunch of ads about there being gay and black “allies” in the CIA.

So, in other words, we’re screwed. Our nation, a nation of weak men, is focused on praising weakness. At this point, even the tip of the military spear is cheering on diversity and degeneracy rather than focusing on defeating the enemy.

And to make it worse, our allies are doing the same. Here’s the ad the snowflake Brits put out. It’s hard to watch:

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Meanwhile, Our Enemies are Cultivating Masculinity and Strength

Are the Russians and Chinese similarly praising Sodom and Gomorrah? Nope. They’re focusing on winning wars. After watching the above Go Army! commercial, watch these Chinese and Russian recruiting ads:

The videos are pretty badass. Men are running, jumping, and fighting. There are high-tech weapons, explosions, and constant celebrations of manly vigor and fighting spirit. Rather than praise the worst parts of their cultures, they celebrate the strong and honorable members of society.

You Should Be Very, Very Worried

If it came to blows with China, and maybe even Russia, the woke US military would lose. Our troops are far more inundated with diversity nonsense and leftist propaganda than martial spirit, whereas the proud and strong Russians and Chinese are focused on fighting and winning. Hell, we can’t even beat a few goat herders in Afghanistan; why would we think we could beat men of martial, fighting spirit like the Chinese and Russians in these ads?

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By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook