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We Won in the Old Dominion. What’s Next?

We won.

The top of government in VA is now filled with, somewhat conservative, Republican politicians. It is a very satisfying thing to see that an important issue such as our children’s education can be used to leverage a change in government. I am disheartened that there needs to be a sea change in our world to put cultural Fascism in its place.

The school system, with the teachers’ unions having the whip hand, has somewhat quickly moved from teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic to indoctrinating students with the communist talking points of Critical Race Theory and Equity, Diversion and Inclusivity. ‘Teachers’ have been telling white kids that they are evil and have been using their skin color as a bat to club their black classmates with. They are told that they as little kids are responsible because they are born a certain color and are deemed greater or lesser because of that. That, by inference, puts everyone but the 5-year-old into an inferior position or as potential slave owns are given white privilege to position themselves atop the grade school social structure.

Their skin color, being the first principal in their 5-6-7-8- and 9-year-old minds, is transferred to hierarchical power on the playground and at recess where they act out scenes from Amistad or Roots. And instead of teaching useful skills in shop, practical economics, and even physical education classes they are taught gender studies and indoctrinated with Drag Queen Story Hours even in kindergarten to reverse their potential heinous actions.

I say this in a hyperbolic fashion, but it is by no means hyperbole to say that teachers and politicians, by saying things like math is racist because of falling test scores, have sentenced generations (potentially) to a life of blaming everyone else for poor outcomes in life. We, as a society, were lulled into complacency concerning our children’s education because we grew up believing that the American education system was the finest in the world. And at one time it was, but with the radicalization of the college campuses in the 1960’s we came to question our own morality and while American society can always use some tweaking around the edges, we allowed it to be upended in favor of an educational system that preferred a socialist structure. This produced teachers who indoctrinated classrooms with anti-American teachings.

There have been decades of Republican and Libertarian apathy and capitulation on issues like trade and the idea of American exceptionalism that have hollowed out the essence of what makes America great and the light of freedom shining out to the world. A world that has never known individual freedom and self-determination until America was founded. There are many nice countries in the world, France and England among them, but their laws don’t include ‘freedom from government tyranny and specious medical mandates’ and we need to make sure that our country doesn’t go down that path.

Today in London and Canberra rolling lockdowns and vaccine mandates seemingly are on the horizon, there are plans to surreptitiously monitor and control internet accounts. In France and across Europe there is push back by freedom fighters who are refusing to roll over to government overreach. Great Britain has its own anti-lockdown riots that draw large crowds but because the government holds a monopoly on force, they will never be more than bricks and bats opposing kinetic weapons.

The surveillance state guarantees that any insurrection that doesn’t at least split government loyalty is not only doomed to fail but will be brutally made an example.

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My point is, I feel a slight disturbance, or more like a deflation in the force. Conservatism, the political thought that feels and knows that the vision of the Founders was and is the greatest distillation of liberal political thinking ever to be codified and that is what we need to conserve. Incorporating every theory the greatest men of that era had access to, Socrates, Pliny, Marcus Aurelius, John Locke; the Founders studied all of them and many more, good, bad and indifferent they took the wisdom of the ages to piece together documents that would guide a moral nation through trials both great and small to try to preserve the opportunity to hand down individual liberty and free choice to the great-grandchildren of everyone who revered those ideals. Every other political thought is a distillation of rule from above, whether from a King or a Politburo, it is a state-centered power forcing their rule, no matter how well-meaning, onto a mass of subjects who are then compelled to obey.

So instead of merely congratulating the conservatives who won great victories in Virginia and New Jersey we need to stand united and breath a tailwind into the sails of their governance reminding them that a conservative victory is not a reason to stop and to rest on our laurels but a clarion call to remind the disheartened that the next victory is only a little hard work away. A freedom-loving conservative knows that the shackles of centralized rule never rest and are always running behind us awaiting every stumble.

The need of the tyrannical blob to enforce its will is rooted in evil, the evil that seized hate and oppression from the beginning of time and who are so consumed with the need for power that they take all opportunities to seize control of power so as to rule over free men, masking, vax mandate, gun control, school tyranny, and pushing sexual deviancy to distract and control people who just want to live their lives freely. They push doctrines that on the surface sound innocuous to fool people who don’t spend all of their lives trying to subvert the freedoms of others.

I do not blame the Democrats, or even the Leftists, they are just the latest iteration of Globalist influence to subvert our moral compass and impose their dominion over a free people. Although there have been many books written on the subject, I very much recommend Jeremy Stones’ ‘History of the Deep State’. It is a broad history lesson on the influence and manipulation by great forces that both openly and from the shadows have influenced American and worldly events previous to the Revolution and after.

The final chapter in the war for human freedom is not written yet but we need to be the authors.

By: David Gignac