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We the Families: Americans Must Rebuild the Family Unit

We the People or We the Families?

In my view, Gen-Z stands at the intersection of life and death of the Great Experiment of self-government authored by the American Founders. It was a magnificent undertaking, starting human civilization all over again, according to the general principles of traditional, Judeo-Christian, family values. We soared, and are now about to crash. Those of us who have gone before the Gen-Zers have dropped the ball, have demonstrated lack of courage and character to defend the home front or even learn how or why the USA began. I am not innocent of this abrogation. I will help.

I hope Z-ers will look beyond the very popular meme, We the People, as the ones who assembled to form a more perfect union. Much better, in my opinion, would be to realize that each of those Founders came from families who instilled in them the world’s most majestic and successful cultural heritage, a spirituality with a sense of good purpose and the understanding that freedom only comes with a leash of self-restraint. That is, except when they mess with our families, our wives, our children, our babies.

I love your, “Men Who Just Want to be Left Alone,” because they are prototypical Americans who will not sacrifice common sense at the altar of Woke. As their families grow, I hope Gen-Zers will spin the lens of micro-aggression 180º, back upon the government itself, and interpret every slight motion toward infringement of any of our God-given rights as an intolerable threat to their own flesh and blood, and act accordingly. Freedom requires guts and muscle, plus the backdrop of calculated risks and the IQ required to keep us free.

For example, it is self-evident that anyone who attempts to disarm me obviously wants to kill me. What other possible reason could one have to disarm law-abiding citizens while also lowering the drawbridge, allowing hordes of diseased barbarians laying siege at our gates to enter unhindered and with financial assistance? Although I proudly fly the thin-blue American flag, I would be a fool and traitor to my family and country if I surrender my guns to uniformed officials of any stripe. War is hell, so it may as well start in my own garden. If I’m the only casualty, the loss to the living will be greater than to me or to my family. I’m old enough to know war. However hellish it is, at times we must give war a chance.

When the liberal-Marxist-socialist-communists of the USA come to realize what Japan learned 75 years ago — that we really DO want to be left alone — partisan politics become fraught with clear and present danger. The danger will be from We the Families who have entrusted our lives and well-being to strangers promising the courage to stand in for us. We the Families will not become juvenile, street-tantrum marchers, but awakened sentinels — angry, natural predators — family men who track down their failing representatives like bad dogs who have betrayed the sacred trusts of elected office, betrayed their masters, We the Families (WTF).

Jilted voters can become a highly combustible mass of humanity that will not tolerate the condescension and arrogance of cultural Marxism. When they find it or anything alien to traditional American values, the wide-eyed acronym for We the Families will finally make sense — WTF! The ensuing episodes of bipartisan conflict will be written as the history of Family Supremacy.

Family Supremacy™ trumps all other attributions that would suggest superiority or supremacy. If someone says, “You’re a white supremacist,” your reflexive answer may now be, “No, but I am a Family Supremacist™, and I hope you are too. Do you love your family more than the next-door neighbor’s parents and children? I love families, but I don’t love white supremacists any more than you.” Family Supremacy™ is a vastly larger tent than any racial or religious basis for prejudice or claim of superiority. It’s the trump card that nullifies identity politics. Spread it. Use it.

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I’m pinning my hopes on Gen-Z to grow into their inheritance as the last hope of the world. From time to time, I would like to needle the Z-ers a little, to get a rise one way or the other, to introduce some aspects of the human condition that have not become mainstream thinking in any respect, aspects that will illuminate the battlefield with inside information that has been staring us in the face for ten millennia.

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We must never adapt to cultural Marxism or other communist tyranny because they will inevitably kill us all. They must adapt to us, which is safe for them, because they are our children, worldwide. They are animals, as opposed to human. Nothing cryptic here, just some glimpses of why we seem doomed to repeat the spin cycle of war and peace so often and so painfully.

Here’s the kicker. The enemy will read my words but not comprehend a word of it. They will think I’m out to kill them. They will reinforce their purposeless bivouac at the Potomac headwaters. Wait and see. It’s dark humor, but very funny. Cultural Marxists, as you’ve likely noticed on national fake news, have flat consciousness, like Lassie the dog, able to understand the predatory rules of the landscape, but absent the meaning of things. We truly do hold all the high cards. Lassie, to her credit, is gentle until you mess with her pups, and then you are in immediate, possibly fatal danger.

I welcome discussion and debate, but I will impose Occam’s Razor to contentious conflict — the simplest explanation is most likely correct. There isn’t enough time for splitting the hairs of the Beast that intends to kill us.

By: Jack Trimpey. Follow Gen Z on Parler, Gab, and Facebook

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