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“We Should Find Things That…Make Us Unite”: School Board Takes Yuge Step to Reject Wokeness, Hiring “Based Off Color of Their Skin” [VIDEO]

Though many school boards around the nation have gone woke and helped the left push its insane, radical, and anti-white Critical Race Theory-type “lessons” on the labile minds of young pupils around the nation, there’s one school board that just heroically stood up to that woke “diversity” push and fought back, saying that it’s high time they find things that unite those in the district rather than focusing on what divides.

You can watch the video of the Derby school board doing that here.

News on what happened during the meeting comes from NPR, which (despite being taxpayer-funded and thus theoretically neutral on matters of politics) was furious that the Derby school board had decided not to adopt the newest “diversity” push. It, reporting and commenting on the meeting and what transpired, said:

The Derby school board has rejected a proposed strategic plan for the district because it calls for diversity and a focus on students’ mental health.

Dozens of parents, students, employees and community members developed the plan over the past several months before the board rejected it this week.

“I don’t think focusing on diversity is going to (help) … our kids, academically,” board president Michael Blankenship said. “Rather than trying to point out our differences … we should try to find things that make us unite. We should find similarities.

The board’s conservative majority — Blankenship, Jennifer Neel, Andy Watkins and Robyn Pearman — voted against the proposal.

And Blankenship wasn’t the only one to push back. Neel pushed back on the diversity plan, one which would create an advisory committee to report on “diversity” trends in the district, as well, saying:

How is that legal? Hiring somebody based off the color of their skin versus their qualifications — I don’t understand how this even made it into this document

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“I didn’t realize this was an issue. That’s my concern — that we’re discriminating against people when we’re hiring them and enrolling them. … Now we’re going to measure it. Now we’re going to focus on it, and this seems like discrimination.

Good for her! Few now have the courage to call out anti-white discrimination, but Neel apparently does!

And so the diversity plan was shot down in a 4-3 votes, with the conservatives on the board bravely standing up to the “current thing” and rejecting the “diversity proposal” because they’d rather unite than divide. Good for them!

Yet better, it turns out that this isn’t the only time the Derby School Board has stood up to the woke mob. It’s done so in recent years too, with NPR adding that:

Earlier this year, some board members requested an apology from a high school principal who showed a video about white privilege during an employee meeting.

The district removed a controversial novel about the Native-American experience from a list of approved classroom materials.

And some board members recently raised concerns about a textbook publisher for supporting Black Lives Matter and other anti-racism efforts.

So this board made a teacher apologize for trying to indoctrinate staff with an anti-white video, protected kids from having to read some unbearably woke novel about the Indians, and fought back against the district buying books from an obviously ideologically biased textbook publisher. Sounds pretty awesome to me, if only more school boards were like that!

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