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WE NEED A WALL: Hispanic Voters Blast Biden’s Border Disaster [WATCH]

“Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy sat down with Hispanic voters, a key demographic that some call “sleeping giant in the room,” to discuss key issues facing America. Ranging from the border to inflation, the members of the demographic whose votes could lead to a massive win for Republicans in November with Duffy, sharing their thoughts about what’s going and how to stop it.

One member of the panel, for example, saidInflation is real time. We see it, we feel it, and it’s something that’s going to draw a lot of Hispanics to the voting booth,” slamming the Bidenflation crisis that’s hitting many Americans.

Another, hammering home the point about how deleterious Biden’s policies are, addedWe won’t be able to reach that American dream that I moved here for at nineteen.

Yet another panel member ripped into what the leftists are doing in schools. As Fox reported:

“The move in the direction of what we are teaching children [concerns me]. We have to get back to being focused on actual education items,” she said. When asked if she is concerned by Critical Race Theory and gender politics plaguing curriculum, Aviles answered with a definitive “absolutely.” 

Indeed we do. But it’s doubtful if the blue-hairs running the schools will actually make that happen.

Then the panel got to the big issue that everyone wants to hear about from the Hispanic demographic: border control. Here’s what Fox News reported about that part of their discussion:

Panelist Gerson Hernandez stressed another key issue – the border crisis – saying, “people are flooding our border. That puts a bunch of individuals at risk of being at the hands of the cartel.”

Adding to Hernandez’s discussion on the border issue, panelist Aaron Rocha slammed a common claim made about illegal immigrants:

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“It’s not parents sending their kids over here to give them a better life,” he said, “It’s kids being kidnaped and being used by the cartel to get over here. They are the worst type of people.”

[…]The panel agreed on the need for a wall along the U.S.’s southern border and, when asked about President Biden’s reversal of Trump-era immigration policies, Rocha said allowing more illegal immigrants to enter the U.S. means more Democratic voters down the line.

“That’s the only thing they have now because they’re losing America left and right,” he said.

Watch them here:

That might surprise some who watch it, but it shouldn’t be unexpected to those who have been paying attention.

Hispanic voters, while they’ve voted to the left in recent years, are far more conservative than their voting record suggests, particularly on the cultural issues that have come to the fore in recent years. Deeply Christian, many aren’t at all in favor of the craziness the left is pushing.

Further, they want to see illegals bringing crime, drugs, and gang affiliations to their neighborhoods just as little, if not less, than the average American, so of course they want the wall and border control.

Tides in American politics are turning. Things are changing as the Democrats go crazy and conservative-minded minorities wake up and join those of all stripes who are already aboard the MAGA train. November’s gonna be fun.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.